Angelo Mathews © AFP (File Photo)
Angelo Mathews © AFP (File Photo)


Mar 6, 2014


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So, that is the end of the league phase of the Asia Cup 2014. Bangladesh have had their moments, but would finish a disappointed lot. Sri Lanka had a testing time, but have ultimately gone through to victory. This is a good boost ahead of the final. So, do join us for the final on March 8. We will be back.

Arafat Sunny comes to bowl and Mathews pushes towards mid-wicket for a single. Senanayake then lofts the second ball for four. it was hit with quite a bit of power and beat long-on to cross the boundary. He then takes a single. The game then finishes with Mathews carts a four over mid-wicket. A good innings there by Mathews. A good workout before the final for the Sri Lankans. Mathews shows his mettle yet again.
Mathews pushes one to the off-side and takes a single. Senanayake takes a single after three balls and then Mathews also takes one off the final ball to retain strike. Sri Lanka need only nine.


Perera is run-out. He pushes one down the ground and calls Mathews for a single, before hesitating. The mid-off comes across, picks the ball and there is a direct hit as Perera is found short of this ground.
OUT! Perera 15(23)


Mahmudullah will bowl with Sri Lankan nearing the target. Perera knocks the first ball for a single, before Mahmudullah hurls a wide down the leg-side off the second. There was an edge that flew to cover, but was safe.



Al-Amin returns to bowl. He is first worked behind square for a brace. Now, Sri Lanka only require 20 in the remaining five overs, which shouldn’t be much of an issue.


Only singles in this over. No chances here like the previous over as Shakib bowls. Now, the target isn’t too far off and it should be quite easy. Shakib finishes a very good tidy spell as he has conceded only 27 runs in the ten overs.


Mathews first cuts it behind point for a four and then Mahmudullah gets an edge which the wicketkeeper misses. It was too fast and difficult. Sri lanka are inching closer to victory here.



That is fifty for Mathews! Some drama there as he dabbed it onto the off-side and then ran across. As Perera made it towards the striker’s end, the fielder ran in, but failed to collect.
Mahmudullah into his fourth over. There isn’t huge pressure on Sri Lanka and they can do it without any problems. Just rotating the strike around should help their cause.



Bangladesh suddenly feel a bit pepped up. Now, it is down to Thisara Perera and Angelo Mathews. Shakib to bowl his eight over of the game. And he keeps it down to two runs. No need to panic for Sri Lanka.


C de Silva has gone at last. He to sweep Mahmudullah across the line and there was a thin edge as Anamul takes it while fumbling.
OUT! C de Silva 44(51)


Shakib to continue. De Silva has a life here. He sweeps a full toss straight to fine-leg, where Al-Amin makes a mess of it. That was a bad miss, but now it looks like Sri Lanka will romp home with ease.
Nice and easy for Sri Lanka. They are well out of the panic stage and are pushing the ball around the ground for singles. Two boundaries off the over. First Mathews lofted one over mid-wicket and later it was de Silva who charged and lofted it over long off for a four.


Shakib Al Hasan is back into the attack and he comes from round the wicket. C de Silva gets a single off the fourth ball as he pushes through long-on.


C de Silva tries to go over the top and misses. The wicketkeeper misses too and it goes for four byes. He gets a leading edge off the second ball and it moves past the cover fielder. Arafat Sunny can only watch.


Mahmudullah’s off-spinners go on and the batsmen are having no worries whatsoever. Mathews did miss one, but there wasn’t any big problem as it didn’t edge. The last ball keeps low and Mathews keeps it out.
Al-Amin continues. He is being worked around the park for a few singles. The first ball fetches them a brace. That is the fifty partnership now. C de Silva now edges the last ball of the boundary and it races to the third-man boundary for four.


Mahmudullah is into the attack and both batsmen knock it around for a few easy singles. These two seem pretty well set now and it shouldn’t be a problem for them unless a wicket falls.


C de Silva gets into the act. Al-Amin gets back into the attack and he is driven over mid-off for a four. Good support for Mathews. Much need for this game!
This is Ziaur’s last over. He has bowled 10 on the trot and the interesting thing is that he is getting a bit of bounce. The batsmen are giving him the necessary respect. But, once he overpitches, de Silva leans forward and drives it with all grace through the covers for four. C de Silva then places it through the leg-side for a couple.


The 100 is up for Sri Lanka. He flicks one off his pads from Rubel and places it fine for a four. A long way forward, but this is still a 50-50 contest. They need a little over 100 with 20 overs to go.


It seems Ziaur will bowl his overs out here. He hits Chathuranga de Silva on the pads, but the umpire gives it not out. It has pitched outside the leg-stump so no danger there. De Silva defends the next few deliveries and plays the over out, getting the single off the last ball. Good spell by Ziaur.


Rubel Hossain comes back into the attack. He gets it wrong a touch and Mathews pounces on the opportunity. It is on the body and well guided through fine-leg for a four.
Ziaur is into his eight over and he nearly gets Mathews. He edges it through the vacant first-slip region. Nervous moments for Sri Lanka.
Mathews finally gets a boundary. He rocks back cuts it behind point for four. Bangladesh have to keep the pressure going as we have moved past the half-way mark.



A good over. Only one run off it.



Thirimanne goes! What was he trying to do there! Arafat Sunny gets a wicket as he tosses it up and gets him to loft it. He in fact hit it well, but it was well taken at long-on. Rubel came running across to take it.
OUT! Thirimanne 33(60)



Ziaur moves into his sixth over. The batsmen merely take a few singles and there aren’t any chances. Bangladesh have to put them under pressure.



Arafat Sunny is into the attack. He is giving it a bit of air and is coming from round the wicket.


Mathews comes down the track to Ziaur and lofts him over long-off for a six.



Shakib comes from round the wicket and is hit by Thirmanne over the top for four.


Ziaur continues and he is getting some variable bounce. One of them climbs and takes the shoulder of Mathews’s bat. It goes towards third man and they take a single. Only two runs off that over.



Shakib is bowling a very good line to Mathews. The Sri Lankan captain is happy to defend most deliveries. Even when Thirimanne comes on strike, he continues to bowl from round the wicket. Only three runs come off the over.


Ziaur bowls to Thirmanne and is a lot fuller than what he was while bowling to Priyanjan. He is making him drive off the frontfoot.


Shakib continues with the short-leg in place. Bangladesh want to attack when Sri Lanka are on the backfoot. Mathews is kept on strike with good deliveries. He does get a few runs ultimately as he places one past mid-on for a brace.



A big blow for Sri Lanka. Priyanjan was looking good but a length delivery from Ziaur kicks and takes the shoulder of the bat. Anamul takes a good catch diving to his right. Skipper Mathews is the new man in. He gets off the mark off the last ball of the over.
OUT! Priyanjan 24(38)



Shakib continues and concedes only two runs off the over. These two are building the innings quite well after the early jitters.
Ziaur Rahman comes in to bowl. Only three runs off that over.
Shakib continues and the batsmen work three singles in the over. Priyanjan tries to go over the top off the last ball, but it falls short of the fielder at mid-wicket, who tries to dive forward to catch.
Mushfiqur is persisting with Al-Amin here. He is bowling a few loose deliveries at times. One of them is sent through the off-side by Priyanjan for four. He then pulls the last one over mid-wicket and gets two.





Shakib Al Hasan comes to the bowling crease. He bowls a ball that holds its line and almost sneaks through Priyanjan. He then charges and gets an inside edge. As a result the ball goes to fine-leg as the batsmen get two.



Al Amin gets it right. He hits the right areas and bowls a maiden to Thirimanne.



Tidy over from Rubel Hossain. Priyanjan struggles to score off it and on the final delivery, Hossain offers a bit of width, Priyanjan cuts it for a boundary.


Al-Amin continues. He bowls a decent line earlier, but off the final ball, Thirimanne executes a good pull for four.



Three runs come off that Rubel over. Largely uneventful.


Priyanjan pulls his first delivery over square leg and it bounces in no man’s land. He then pulls his second ball to the boundary for four. That was a good shot as it went into the boundary on the bounce. Al Amin then bowls a wide as he bowls it way outside the off-stump.



Rubel Hossain gets on Thirimanne’s pads and is guided through mid-wicket for a brace. And then there is a run-out! Jayawardene is run-out. Thirimanne calls him after pushing through the off-side and is sent back. The throw comes in and Rubel does the rest.
OUT! Jayawardene 0(5)



Al-Amin is the man! Bowls one outside the off-stump and Sangakkara chases it. The ball goes to Nasir Hossain at first-slip, who fumbles, but is taken. Mahela Jayawardene is the new man and he certainly needs some runs.
OUT! Sangakkara 2(5)


Thirimanne gets off the mark with a good shot through mid-wicket for a four. Rubel Hossain is the bowler.


Perera out second ball. Al-Amin bowls it on a length and tries to pull it over mid-wicket and gets a thin edge to the wicketkeeper Anamul. Sangakkara comes in and gets off the mark instantly.
OUT! K Perera 0(2)





Ziaur walks down the track and carts a full toss from Perera towards square-leg. The 200 is up. It spun towards the deep and the fielder couldn’t judge it. The next ball is a slower one and Ziaur charges again and is bowled. Perera then bowls Rubel who swings across the line. Al-Amin Hossain defends the hat-trick ball.
OUT! Ziaur 12(14) Rubel 0(1)



Lakmal is right on the money through the over. The first two deliveries are yorkers and Ziaur can only get a single. Lakmal then bowls a good ball, which Sunny misses, but Sangakkara cannot collect it as it keeps low and it hits his hand and goes to the boundary.



Mendis comes back at the death. Ziaur charges off the first delivery, gets an edge that goes towards short-third man on the bounce. They only get a single. Afaraft Sunny opens his account with a single through the leg-side. Ziaur gets another edge and it falls in no mans land and it results in another single. Mendis then loses his line as he bowls a wide. Later, he bowls another and Sangakkara cannot get around to connect.



Nasir is gone now. He tries to pull Lakmal over long-on, but offers a simple catch to Mahela Jayawardene at that spot.
OUT! Nasir 30(49)


Ziaur Rehman is the new man and the onus would be on him to accelerate. They get only four runs off the over.
Mahmudullah is gone as he tries to make room to Lakmal. It is a yorker and timber! The stumps are disturbed.
OUT! Mahmudullah 30(41)


Mahmudullah sends one to the mid-wicket boundary and they get two before the fielder throws it back. He is trying to make room to Senanayake and hit him, but then that gets a wide later.


Mahmudullah charges down the ground and lofts Mendis over mid-wicket and it has gone for four. In fact, Sangakkara drops a chance behind the stumps as Mahmudullah tries an expansive stroke and gets an inside-edge and Sangakkara doesn’t hold on.


Sri Lanka continue to persist with the spinners as that has helped them keep a hold over proceedings. Mahmudullah and Nasir work the strike over and get six runs off the over.


Nasir waits on a delivery from Mendis. He opens the face of the bat and beautifully guides it through third-man. Mahmudullah then lofts one over covers and gets two.
At last a boundary! Mahmudullah makes room and lofts Senanayake over mid-off for a four. The crowd get going! They certainly need a lot more of this.


Mendis starts after the drinks break. The only thing these batsmen are able to do is take singles. Nasir does try to use his feet, but cannot get enough bat on the deliveries.



Senanayake gets some turn from outside the off-stump. He is pitching it around a good length and there are only two runs in the over.



Lakmal starts off with a wide as a short delivery goes down the leg-side. Mahmudullah tries to smash one through the off-side as a gets a full toss, but hits it straight to the man there.



Senanayake continues. Only two runs off the over.


Mahmudullah has walked in and tries to sweep a few times. This innings needs something very special from this batsmen.



Shakib charges down the ground and smashes it through the covers for four. He tries to repeat the same, but gets the inside edge of the bat and it goes to mid-on. The Bangladesh innings is now falling apart.
OUT! Shakib 20(32)



Shakib 16*, Nasir 4*
Chathuranga continues from the other end. This is getting tougher for Bangladesh. Shakib gets a single in this over.


Is there a boundary there? No, saved on the ropes! Nasir gets a short one from Priyanjan and he pulls it behind square. But, Jayawardene fields it well over there. Only three runs off the over.



Chathuranga de SIlva into the attack again. Nasir Hossain is the new man. All eyes on Shakib now as Bangladesh have lost important men at the top. After the good start, they have stumbled and moved a long very slowly.



Anamul is out! Ashan Priyanjan comes into the attack and strikes first ball. Anamul lofts one straight to mid-wicket, where Thirimanne fumbles and then finally takes the catch by turning around.
OUT! Anamul 49(86)



Suranga Lakmal is into the attack. Only two singles off the over as Anamul moves to 49.



Bangladesh are moving slowly here. They aren’t taking risks as they are picking about three runs an over. Senanayake has found his line and is sticking to it well.



Sachithra Senanayake is now into the attack and he doesn’t let the batsmen score too many in that over. Perera continues from the other end and he too is maintaining the pressure. Sri Lanka have hit back well here and are putting pressure. Bangladesh’s 100 is up with Anamul taking a single through the off-side.



Perera has come back into the attack. Only three runs come off the over here.



The spinners are doing a good job for Sri Lanka. They aren’t giving much away and are keeping Bangladesh in check. The three strokes have certainly halted their progress.



Shakib Al Hasan is off the mark as he cuts one behind point and that goes for four. That was very well played by Shakib. He has to strike a good partnership with Anamul.



Mushfiqur is gone! He tries to scoop Chathuranga de Silva over fine-leg and is trapped in front. Billy Bowden gives him out. That’s the end for the captain. Shakib is the new man..
OUT! Mushfiqur 4(6)



Mushfiqur and Anamul milk Mendis through the gaps for singles. The fifth ball is a dot but Rahim retains strike with a single on the last ball.



Mushfiqur gets off the mark by flicking one through the leg-side. Bangladesh may now consolidate a touch.



Mominul Haque is the new batsman. He pushes his first delivery for a single to get off the mark. Anamul is waiting for Mendis’s deliveries to reach him before playing his strokes. Mendis then castles Mominul as he bowls him with one that keeps low.
OUT! Mominul 1(2)



Mendis gets the wicket. He traps Shamsur on the pads and the umpire gives him out. Drinks break now at Mirpur.
OUT! Shamsur 39(57)


Mendis is into the attack. ANamul cuts the second ball behind point but hits it straight to the fielder. Had it been a metre away on either side, it could have been a four.



What a strike by Anamul! De Silva invites him down the ground and he accepts. Reaches the pitch of the ball and lofts it high over long-on for maximum. There were fielders on the boundary, but he still went for it. That is confidence!



Ajantha Mendis starts off with his wily spin. Now that these two have out up a solid opening stand, it is time for them to build well on it. Again, they only push the ball around for a few singles and keep rotating strikes. Most of the deliveries were on the body and they have played him very well off the back-foot. And then, finally a boundary! Shamsur moves across, goes down on his knees and then scoops it through fine-leg for a four.



De Silva continues and keeps it very tight. The batsmen are still going smooth and untroubled. Sri lanka could have had their first wicket as it nearly yorks Shamsur. He gets an inside-edge and it whisks past the stumps for a four. Fifty up for Bangladesh



There was a huge appeal off the first ball. Anamul charges down the ground and tries to hoick it over mid-wicket. Sangakkara immediately appealed and was quite confident, but the umpire Bruce Oxenford was unmoved. There was some noise certainly! But it is inconclusive.



Chaturanga de Silva, the left-arm spinner is into the attack. The first ball is full and the second keeps Shamsur ion the backfoot.Shamsur is finally able to get off strike by pushing a single through the leg-side. Anamul drives his first ball through cover for a single.



Perera comes back into the attack. With the field spread out as the powerplay is over, the batsmen merely work it around to get a few singles. These two are moving quite well in the middle and this is good to see from Bangladesh.



Senanayake comes from round the wicket. He is first driven by Shamsur off the front-foot for a four and then, it was pitched a bit shorter and he punches it through the same area for four more.



Shamsur is very calm in the middle and is defending deliveries on the stump line. Suranga Lakmal has also maintained the right channels and hasn’t given much away. Only two runs come off it.



Sachithra Senanayake is into the attack. he keeps things very tight as only a single is possible.




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Shamsur into the act now. He gets a half volley and drives it gracefully through the covers.



Shamsur dabs it to the off-side and sprints through for a very quick single. Later, Perera pitches it in Anamul’s half and he gracefully drives it for a four. A lot of class from that ton! Anamul finishes with a good single through the leg-side.



A tidy over by Suranga Lakmal. Shamsur was kept on strike for a major while, before he took a single towards the leg-side off the fifth ball.



Thisara Perera continues and keeps it very tight as they only get two singles. The last one was quite tight.



Not many runs of the over. Suranga Lakmal keeps it very tight here.



Anamul gets his first boundary of the day. He guides one through square-leg and Suranga Lakmal has misfielded it in the deep.



Suranga Lakmal starts proceedings with a ball that shapes away from Anamul Haque. Anamul gets off the mark as he guides the second ball through third man. Shamsur gets the fifth ball in the slot outside the off-stump and he drives it beautifully though point. The last ball is sent to third man for a single.





Bangladesh have won the toss and have elected to bat first.




Bangladesh: Mushfiqur Rahim (c), Shamsur Rahman, Anamul Haque (wk), Mominul Haque, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Mahmudullah Riad, Arafat Sunny, Rubel Hossain, Ziaur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain.


Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Kusal Perera, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Ashan Priyanjan, Chaturanga de Silva, Thisara Perera, Sachithra Senanyake, Ajantha Mendis, Suranga Lakmal.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 10th match of the Asia Cup 2014. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka complete the league phase of the tournament and since we know the finalists, this contest is nothing but a dead rubber. However, given the fight Bangladesh showed during their game against Pakistan, this could be an interesting test for the Sri Lankans ahead of the big game against Pakistan a couple of days from now. Thus, a lot to look forward to in this game as Sri Lanka would want to get a few things right and Bangladesh would be itching to spring a surprise. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and would take you through the game.


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