BCA President removed pending enquiry: Association informs BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly
Image: BCCI

The twists and turns in cricket administration in Bihar could give detective novels a run for their money. In a fresh development, Bihar Cricket Association has informed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that President Rakesh Kumar Tiwari has been barred from functioning pending inquiry and that Secretary Sanjay Kumar has been reinstated after the president had earlier barred him from functioning.

In the letter, accessed by IANS, Prem Ranjan Patel — President nominated for the meeting by district associations — informed Ganguly of the decisions taken in the meeting of the district associations. Out of the 38 districts, 28 districts were part of the meeting.

“A meeting of the district associations took place, in which I was nominated to preside. Many allegations have been leveled against BCA President Rakesh Kumar Tiwari and Joint Secretary Kumar Arvind and discussions made by all members. As the chairman of this meeting, it becomes my duty to inform you about all the things.

“In the meeting, many allegations have been leveled against the President and Joint Secretary for acting unconstitutionally. And all members have the same opinion that the work done by the president should be investigated, and till that time the discharge (of) the duty of the President was given to the Vice-President Dilip Kumar Singh.

“In the meeting, the so-called AGM (Convened Dated 31 Jan 2020) related to the banning of work of BCA Secretary was declared canceled, after which BCA Secretary will continue to work like before. After this meeting, BCA Secretary will talk to Bank of India, Secretariat Branch, Patna to operate the bank account of BCA and make changes in the signatory to operate the bank account as per the constitution. Full details of the meeting and the presence of the members are being refer to BCCI for further action,” Patel wrote.

(With agency inputs)