BCA sacked their President during the annual general meeting    Getty Images
BCA sacked their President during the annual general meeting Getty Images

Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) President Samarjitsinh Gaekwad has recently been sacked during the organisation’s annual general meeting. The incident took place during the meeting as it was being held on Sunday and in presence of most of the members of the association. While over 600 members, including BCA (in-charge) secretary Snehal Parikh, are said to be present while the decision was taken, Gaekwad refused to accept the sacking, saying he still is in charge of the organisation and that is what makes the case even more confusing. However, vice-president Jeetendra Patel is known to be unanimously elected the new president. READ: Samarjit Singh Gaekward wins BCA elections

As reported by Times of India, Parikh said, “When we were discussing the key issues, Gaekwad got up and said that the meeting has been concluded. He cannot conclude the meeting as the accounts and other items on the agenda had not been passed. The meeting has to be adjourned with the permission of the members but he chose to walk out.”

“BCA member Kamal Pandya brought a no-confidence motion against Gaekwad and over 600 members present in the AGM voted to remove him as the president. So we asked vice-president Jitendra Patel to chair the AGM. Patel was unanimously selected as the chairman of the AGM and he is now the new president of the BCA,” he added.

Gaekwad defended his case saying, “I don’t know which members voted against me. I am still the president of BCA and it is for them to prove that I no longer hold the post.”