Rahul Dravid    AFP
Rahul Dravid AFP

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have decided to overlook former Indian captain and junior teams’ coach, Rahul Dravid‘s suggestions and will pursue with outdated coaching manual to restart a programme to train lower level coaches. The programme had come to a halt in 2015 when Dravid observed the coaching manuals at National Cricket Academy (NCA), Bengaluru to be ‘outdated.’

The board, caught up in legal issues, have collectively failed to bring up an updated manual in place till date. They even tried to outsource the job to a private firm, but the negotiations led to nothing. “There was an effort to get the job done through a private firm. But negotiations between the two did not work out. Interestingly, Dravid had recommended upgrading the manual even before he was officially made the coach of the junior teams. Now, his first idea has been shelved. The board tried out an exchange programme for coaches with Cricket Australia but didn t get desired results. Then it was decided to outsource the job,” said a BCCI source.

‘Programme had to start from somewhere’

However, another board official revealed that the programme had to “start from somewhere.” “Nothing was moving. The current officials in cricket operations felt that the previous manual is good enough for this level of coaching. There are a lot of people who had cleared Level A. The Level B programme will start soon.”

It is also learnt that BCCI has decided to bring about equilibrium in wages for coaches, physiotherapists and trainers at Zonal Cricket Academy as well as NCA.