The Committee of Administrators (C0A) issued a directive in the light of the Supreme Court judgment on enforcement of BCCI‘s new constitution. With this directive, the CoA effectively dissolved the powers of all bodies except the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Selection Committee.

With new BCCI constitution coming into effect, the COA termed the old ‘Constitution’ as “extinguished”. “Any function to be performed by the Apex Council and/or the Governing Council under the new constitution shall be performed by the Committee of Administrators until a new Apex Council and Governing Council are elected,” the COA directive stated.

“Except for the Cricket Advisory Committee and the duly reconstituted Selection Committees, all committees/ sub-committees under the old constitution stand dissolved with immediate effect,” it added.

This decision means that now only the paid employees of the BCCI like CEO Rahul Johri, CFO Santosh Rangnekar, IPL COO Hemang Amin will have powers and acting secretary Amitabh Chaudhary and treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhary’s powers will cease to take effect.

Saba Karim, GM (Cricket Operations) has also been made an authorized signatory much to the bewilderment of BCCI officials. “We can still understand CEO and CFO but Saba being made a signatory. Let’s hope that once the elections take place, a few things will be straightened out. First things first, Saba Karim is there to take decisions on women’s cricket and formulate policy on domestic cricket. It would be better if he sticks to that,” a BCCI official, who is eligible to contest elections, told PTI today.

The primary point of the COA directives, uploaded on the BCCI website, stated: “All affairs of the BCCI shall be conducted in accordance with the new constitution and the judgments and orders of the Supreme Court.