BCCI President Sourav Ganguly does not have a problem with Yo-Yo Test, a fitness parameter devised for Indian cricketers, which, if not passed, does not allow a player to enter into the fray for team selection.

Over the last year and a half, numerous cricketers have failed to make Indians squads on the basis of this endurance test and Ganguly has sided with Indian captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri, saying if the management feels the test is in the best interest of the team, then there is no reason to doubt it.

“Every team management should have freedom to make its own decisions. If Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri and the trainers feel that’s the way, so be it. We don’t need to poke our noses all the time. If they demand, the captain of the India team and trainers demand that we need to be at this (fitness) level, so be it,” Ganguly told Hindustan Times.

While the fitness test is only confined to the senior men’s team, Ganguly has given a thumbs up to the idea of it being implemented at the Under-19 level too. “Yes, why not? If you want to do it with the senior team, might as well do it when you are young. It makes it a lot easier,” he said.

With the T20 World Cup scheduled to be held in Australia in October 2020, Ganguly stated that while the team is doing its best to win the World Cup for the second time, off the field he and his team are keen to put their best foot forward to ensure more up and coming youngsters play fearless cricket.

“I am sure Virat is putting all his efforts towards that,” he said. “Ultimately, the players have to play. We are putting good systems in place. The players have to win and they have the team to win. But T20 cricket demands freedom to play freely without worrying about your place in the side. We as people, who are working behind the scenes, will try and create systems so that they can play without having to worry about anything else.”

Ganguly also expressed his thoughts over the National Cricket Academy and how he and its president Rahul Dravid plan on implementing certain changes. The BCCI president also re-iterated that there is no other platform than the NCA for a cricketer to train and prove fitness.

“I met Rahul Dravid yesterday, and we have put a system in place. The bowlers will have to go to the NCA. If anybody (else) has to treat them, they will have to come to NCA. Whatever may be the reason, we will accommodate everything. We will also make sure the players are comfortable and they don’t feel left out or out of place. So, we will do it that way,” added Ganguly.

“We are going full throttle with the NCA. Construction work will start [at the new land] and it will be a state-of-the-art unit. In 18-month time, if we are still there, you will see an NCA that will be spick and span.”