BCCI will be suspending Desai and Phadke who were involved in GCA scam in 2006 © Getty Images
BCCI will be suspending Desai and Phadke who were involved in GCA scam in 2006 © Getty Images

After three officials from Goa Cricket Association (GCA) were caught for alleged misuse of funds of nearly INR 3 crore, the BCCI has decided to set out guidelines for payments in each association. BCCI will be sending notice very soon to all associations informing their stake holders that all payments will be made online and that all accounts will be verified by the bank and statutory authority. As per the previous fraud complaint, Chetan Desai, Phadke and Mulla had allegedly forged signatures with which they opened bank accounts to cheat on the TV rights money that GCA received from BCCI in 2006. ALSO READ: GCA officials sent to police custody

As per some new reports that were revealed in 2007 by GCA, a bank account was opened with Phadke as president, Desai as secretary and Mulla as treasurer. The account was closed in March 2008 after removing the entire amount (Rs 2.87 crore) by cash or bearer cheque. Knowing the previous scandals, BCCI president Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke have taken joint decision on the same. When the board official was asked stricter actions against these members while speaking to Indian Express, he said, “People might say BCCI should act now but we can’t go by allegations. Those officials were booked for fraud but these are allegations till date. Even the charge sheet has not been filed. You can’t call someone guilty until he has proven guilty under court of law. BCCI has taken certain step which we have sent to all associations and as far as action on these members are concern we will take it after taking consent of our members in the working committee.”

On the other hand, Desai who works in the marketing committee of BCCI might get suspended for his actions in the meeting which will take place at Dharamsala while Phadke will also be on the hit list. GCA as an association will not be suspended, but a committee will be formed soon to monitor the activities in the state.

The Goa Police acted on a complaint lodged by GCA life member Vilas Dessai last month, that included, “The above noted accused persons who were the members and signatory authority for Goa Cricket Association hatched a criminal conspiracy by impersonating and posing as President, Secretary and Treasurer of Goa Cricket Association and further prepared forged, fake documents and resolution of Goa Cricket Association and submitted the same to Development Credit Bank, Panaji Branch, for opening an account in Development Credit Bank in the name of Goa Cricket Association and thereby misappropriated the funds of TV subsidy sent by Board of Control for Cricket in India to Goa Cricket Association, thereby cheating the association for tune of Rs 2.87 Crores.” ALSO READ: Justice Mudgal recommends pay-per-view concept

It further said, “They also withdrew Rs 26 Lakhs from Federal Bank of Goa Cricket Association (account) on the non existing person’s name on the pretext of giving the money to a company namely HAKO enterprise, which was never given and thereby cheated Goa Cricket Association to the total tune of Rs 3.13 Crores.”

The complaint also includes that no action was taken by BCCI at the time when the fraud happened,  “That a life member of GCA, Shri Hemant Angle, had complaint (sic) about this fraud to the BCCI but no action was taken by BCCI even to investigate in (sic) the matter. This shows that how BCCI has supported the Committee members in such above mentioned fraud. Without the strong support of BCCI, the mother body of GCA, the office-bearers would not have dared to do such act of cheating.”