BCCI to back MS Dhoni for sporting Special Forces insignia in his wicketkeeping gloves

The BCCI has decided to back MS Dhoni for sporting a Special Forces insignia, Balidaan in his wicketkeeping gloves, to which the ICC had objected.

According to Zee News, a BCCI source stated We will go through the formality of applying for permission.”. The board decided that it would stand by Dhoni as the insignia is neither commercial nor religious

The Balidaan Badge or the Army insignia was spotted on Dhoni s gloves as television replays showed him stumping Phehlukwayo in the 40th over of the innings bowled by Yuzvendra Chahal. ICC requests BCCI to remove army insignia from MS Dhoni s gloves

As per ICC’s Clothes and equipment rules and regulations G1, Players and team officials shall not be permitted to wear,display or otherwise convey messages through arm bands or other items affixed to clothing or equipment ( Personal Messages ) unless approved in advance by both the player or team official s Board and the ICC Cricket Operations Department.Approval shall not be granted for messages which relate to political,religious or racial activities or causes.The ICC shall have the final say in determining whether any such message is approved. For the avoidance of doubt,where a message is approved by the player or team official s Board but subsequently disapproved by the ICC s Cricket Operations Department, the player or team official shall not be permitted to wear,display or

otherwise convey such message in International Matches.

Balidaan is a distinct insignia of the special forces, which form part of the Parachute Regiment. It has a commando dagger pointed downwards, with upward-extending wings extending from the blade and a scroll superimposed on the blade with Balidaan inscribed in Devanagari. Only Paramilitary Commandos are allowed to wear the Balidaan Badge.

Dhoni, who has been conferred an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment in 2011, had also undergone training under the Para Brigade in 2015.

With news coming out, miffed Indian fans hit out at ICC. Goes without saying ICC s social media handles wee in for a hard time with fans not only objecting to ICC s demands, but also trolled them heavily, especially with poor umpiring that was on display in Match 10 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between West Indies and Australia.