BCCI are yet to settle the accounts of IPL. Photo courtesy: Paulami Chakraborty
BCCI are yet to settle the accounts of IPL. Photo courtesy: Paulami Chakraborty

While IPL has benefited both Indian cricket and BCCI in many ways, the board will soon have to pay a whopping INR 4,900 crore in regards to hosting the tournament. The bracket includes expenses related to various taxes as well as expenses for hosting the 2009 season in South Africa. BCCI insiders now want the Committee of Administrators (CoA) to have a close look at the enormous amount that is BCCI supposed to pay.

“if CoA wants to look into matters like Future Tours Program (FTP) and player salaries – which is not their brief – then they should also be looking into these matters. Whose money is it anyway? For once CoA and BCCI members can agree on one thing: This is not a very pretty picture,” an insider told Cricbuzz.

According to the same person, BCCI will have a profit of around INR 9,000 crore at the end of this financial year. However, if INR 4,900 crore is taken away from that, BCCI will face some tough time financially, given they will have to spend a separate amount to organise the next IPL.

“So let’s say if the total kitty is around INR 18,000 crore – including title rights and other central sponsors – then half of that will go to the franchises. From the 9000 crore of BCCI’s share, they have production costs of the IPL to take care of, money to be shared with state associations and more such expenses. From whatever remains, you are staring at this outflow of cash (4,900 crore),” the insider added.

Here is a list of all the departments that BCCI is yet to pay:

INR 2,420 crore: All cases related to the Enforcement Directorate (with regards to the 2009 IPL in South Africa)

INR 1,250 crore: Other legal cases and settlements including Kochi Tuskers

INR 540 crore: Income Tax

INR 600 crore: Service Tax

INR 90 crore: Sales Tax/MVAT

INR 52.54 crore: Fine slapped by the Competitions Commission of India.