The Indian Premier League (IPL) is planning on doing away with the glitzy opening ceremony from next year since the Board of Cricket for Cricket in India (BCCI) feels it’s a ‘waste of money’.

According to a report in the Indian Express on Wednesday, the Bollywood-style gala which costs the board close to Rs 30 crore in the past, will no longer take place from IPL 2020, as it was decided by the IPL governing council meeting on Monday.

“The opening ceremonies are a waste of money. The cricket fans don’t seem to be interested, and the performers have to be paid a lot,” a BCCI official was quoted as saying in the report.

Since the inception of the IPL in 2008, opening ceremonies have taken place before the start of the cricket league. However, last year, the ceremony was omitted and the funds were used to aide the families of soldiers who lost their lives in Pulwama terror attacks.

Many international stars such has Katy Perry, Akon, Pit Bull, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif among many others have performed at the opening ceremony of the tournament.

Meanwhile, in another move, the IPL Governing Council (GC) decided to introduce an exclusive umpire to spot ‘no-balls’. This umpire will be in addition to the third and fourth umpire in the next edition of IPL.

“If we have the technology, we must make use of it. So, there will be a separate umpire for no balls,” an IPL Governing Council member said.

The no-ball umpire could be tried in domestic competition in the lead up to the IPL and the move could also potentially provide another sponsorship opportunity for the League like time-outs and third umpire referrals.

A noticeable change after the first IPL GC meeting since Sourav Ganguly took charge of BCCI saw the Board’s softening stance towards the interests of franchises. Franchisees interested in playing friendlies abroad to promote their brand will be allowed to do so. “Friendlies will be allowed. As it is, we are playing just two months. After that we don’t have any activity. We have to look to popularise the game,” the member added.

“The idea is to have brand promotions in new markets. This does not involve the main players who may be busy playing international cricket, but even the presence of the team’s legends will help execute the idea,” said a franchise official.