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The plight of Ben Stokes and Alex Hales seems to find no respite. It all started with a late night brawl between Stokes and alleged former soldier Ryan Hale. Although this behaviour has not affected the team on field, it has definitely affected the reputation of the duo ahead of Ashes. As per the current news, Hales has been caught up in a concerted smear campaign. Some comprising images have been making rounds. One of the images shows Hales posing naked in a selfie. A source close to Hales insisted the image was taken 5 years ago, before he entered England team.

There is no concrete information on who is circulating the images. But the close source stressed that the images were hoax. Another image floated where a semi-naked girl is posing with Hales jersey on. On clarifying upon the image, the close source added the image had nothing to do with the player. The source also mentioned someone would have bought the jersey from an online store. Stokes has already been accused of mocking Katie Price s disabled son Harvey. Hales, now, would be appearing for a cautious investigation conducted by Avon and Somerset Police.

The late night brawl saw Hales kicking a man outside a club at Bristol. The incident took place at 2.30am on Monday morning and the emergence of a video showing the alleged brawl has led to wider questions about the drinking culture surrounding the England cricket team.

ECB has already suspended the players from international games under further notice. However, it is understood that when the police was investigating Stokes after the incident, Hales was enjoying a game of golf around 120 miles at The Grove in Hertford. He had not even informed the English team management about what had happened.

England players were shocked on learning about this incident. Meanwhile, Stokes fianc e Clare Radcliffe was aware about Stokes being in custody whole night. She was staying at the team hotel when the incident occurred.

ECB will be keeping a close eye on the team s events here on. Soon Jos Buttler will have a stag to do in Amsterdam while Jason Roy will be getting married this weekend.

Joe Root and fellow international, Stuart Broad, were both due to attend teammate, Buttler’s stag in Amsterdam but decided to cancel after England’s director of cricket, Andrew Strauss, warned the players about their public behaviour, as mentioned on the The Telegraph.

The fallout might also have financial implications on the players. Stokes earns around UK 1 million a year in terms of his professional contract and sponsorship deals. He also earns more than UK 1 million a season playing in the IPL. With all the negative publicity going around, it could well be under threat.