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Several cricketers have given their verdict on whether Ben Stokes should board the plane for Ashes 2017-18. Michael Vaughan said a clear no for Stokes to be part of the championship until his late night brawl investigations are completed. Now, former England batsmen Kevin Pietersen has come out in the open. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Pietersen described Stokes as one of the real good guys in the dressing room. He feels it would be inappropriate for him to represent to the country amidst controversy.

Speaking about the video and Stokes charges, Pietersen said, I can hardly watch the bit at the end, it is horrendous. That 45-second video is brutal. The more you watch it the more shocking it is. I have watched it with some influential leaders in business and the general view was, you cannot represent your country with a video like that going around . It is a view I agree with.

Whether you like it or not, you become someone that people look up to. Someone that kids look up to. You cannot play for your country if you carry on like that. You cannot represent that badge. The more that you watch that video, the worse it gets. It is horrible, I can hardly watch the bit at the end, it is horrendous, added Pietersen.

It was not the first time Stokes has broken the law. Stokes is a fiery character on the field too. In 2011, he was arrested for a night out and received a warning then as well. In 2013 he was sent home from an England Lions tour due to late-night drinking.

Pietersen feels Stokes should stay away from hostile situations at the moment. Australia is a hostile place and I don t think with his personality, at least from what we have seen, I just don t think it will work in Australia. Not this time. As a bloke he is one of the real good guys in the dressing room. He is a funny guy, just the heart and soul of the dressing room. I want to feel sorry for him. The world has seen this video. You cannot walk on proud as punch representing your country after this. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the case, I just don t think you can play for England right now,” he explains.

People get fined and suspended for bad timekeeping, swearing, for appealing too much. I don t think that you can represent your country in the next Test match after that, Pietersen concluded.