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Bharat Arun has so far done some real good job training the Indian bowlers © IANS

India are currently battling Sri Lanka in the first of the three-Test series at the historic Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata. Meanwhile, the Indian bowling attack has done a decent job so far in making the Lankan batting order struggle. The credit definitely goes to the bowlers for that. However, apart from them, the role of the bowling coach too has been splendid. India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun has so far done a good job training the Indian bowlers which has outplayed few of the best batting orders in the world. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Sri Lanka 2017-18, 1st Test at Eden Gardens

On coaching the Indian side

“I am honoured to be a part of this Indian team. It just feels like you’ve never left this team. There was a year’s gap, but having worked earlier with the same team and coming back again this year feels like you’re home again. What I make of this team is that it is probably one of the most versatile bowling attacks India has ever had. Extremely talented, which could suit any conditions,” said Arun in an exclusive interview with

On India’s current bowling attack

“Like I mentioned that this is India’s most versatile bowling attack. Each one is different. If you look at the four fast bowlers we have, each one is very unique. Umesh Yadav is very good with the new ball and the old ball as he reverses it well.  Ishant Sharma has got the extra bounce, which makes him that potent. Mohammed Shami has one of the best seam positions in world cricket.” IND vs SL, 1st Test: Mathews praises IND bowling attack

“Bhuvneshwar Kumar can move the ball both ways and they all do it at a very good pace, which is close to 140 plus all the time. That makes each one of them extremely potent and also the fact that we have Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in the Test matches who are amongst the top 5 spinners in the world. They are backed up by Kuldeep Yadav who’s an upcoming and talented bowler. So, this augurs very well for the Indian team.”

On his role in the side

“My job is to give feedback to the players, most often what they are actually doing compared to what they think they are doing; they are two different things. So, my job is to bridge that gap and the way you do it is by empowering them, make them more aware of what they are doing. Their arm positions, their body positions, release and things like that for which I effectively use videos to give them the feedback and once they understand those positions well, it’s very easy for them to get back to their basics.” IND vs SL, 1st Test: Pujara credits his experience in County after his fighting 52

“I guess you hear the whistles, which I blow during the nets session, but my job being one of the members of the support staff is related to doing the backdoor work. I will only strive harder to give the bowlers better feedback. If there is one thing that I believe in, it is empowering the players. They have the skill, they have the fitness and once they understand themselves more, it gives them the best chance to go out there and succeed.”

On what has impressed him so far in the side

“On the basis of recent spells, I would say that the Test match in Kandy against Sri Lanka when the fast bowlers bowled on a placid wicket, they looked really quick. Especially, Shami and Umesh Yadav. They were brilliant and in fact, the Sri Lankan team said that for a minute they thought they were playing in England. Shami was clocking 145 plus throughout and that is probably one of the best spells that I have seen him bowl. Also, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s spell against Australia in the ODI here in Kolkata. These would probably be my pick of the spells.”

On the rotation policy

“Yes, it should continue as it has worked very well for us as it keeps the bowlers fresh. It’s not easy to play all forms of the game and remain fresh throughout. It gives specialist bowlers a chance to perform in each format and this way, we also have a great pool of bowlers to choose from and they could fill in for the gap anytime we want them to.”