Bishan Singh Bedi questions MS Dhoni’s place in the team

MS Dhoni’s leadership has come under the scanner after India lost to England in the four-match Test series and followed it up with a 2-1 loss in the ODI series against Pakistan at home © PTI

Mumbai: Jan 13, 2013

Former India captain Bishan Singh Bedi has questioned skipper MS Dhoni‘s place in the Indian side following India’s defeat to England and Pakistan at home.

“If it (Midas touch) was there at all, then where has it gone now? A captain has to find a place in the side first before he leads. It is for the selectors to decide but I have made a very simple observation. A captain must find a place in the team whether he is a bowler, batsman or a wicketkeeper. He should be a good enough player,” Bedi told Headlines Today.

Bedi also criticised BCCI for not extending Mohinder Amarnath’s contract as one of the selectors.

“It’s grossly unfair that he (Amarnath) was only there for a year. I felt rather annoyed as the BCCI felt its prerogative to decide who the selectors should be. Jimmy had a great chance of becoming the chief selector but the BCCI didn’t let it happen.In the last selection committee, the only guy who was in disagreement with the BCCI was Jimmy Amarnath and they have shown him the door.”

“No matter what kind of money you pay them, you can’t have people towing your line all the time as professionally people can have differences,” asserted the former India left-arm spinner.

Bedi also said that India need to look out for fresh talent with most of their senior players, including the likes of Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag past their prime.

“Let’s be honest. Bhajji (Harbhajan), Sehwag or Zaheer Khan and L Balaji are all past their primes. The best is behind them, so if they have to survive now, they have to keep their acts together.”

Despite India’s current form, Bedi believes the team can beat Australia when they tour India in February-March 2013.

“Yes we can beat them, provided we play well and play to their potential. Now who is going to decide this potential? The players or the selectors? Who is in the best of form or nick, you just can’t rest on your laurels indefinitely.

“Spinners should play a big role but whether it will happen or not, remains to be seen. It’s the only chance India has if it wants to enforce a series win against England and Australia. But importantly, the spinners have to be used in an attacking manner,” said Bedi.