Have you ever heard a wife keeping wickets for her husband during a cricket match? Well, the bizarre and rare incident took place during a semi-final match played between PSV Hann Munden and KSV Cricket in the ongoing Kummerfeld leg of the European Cricket Series (ECS) T10.

Sharanya Sadarangani – had already created history by becoming the first women cricketer to play the tournament. In a rare occurrence during the semis, she kept wickets as her husband Finn Sadarangani bowled. They are a unique cricketing couple – usually, the wife changes her surname after marriage – but in this case, her husband Finn Kleissl changed his surname.

Sharanya has already been receiving immense praise for her keeping skills and now she kept wickets as her husband bowled. Her husband conceded 16 runs in the over.

Here is the video that is already going viral on social space:

Sharanya has played all six matches in the T10 tournament.

Meanwhile, KSV Cricket beat PSV Hann Munden by five wickets to seal a spot in the summit clash. Seems like lady luck is shining for them as they made it to their maiden final. During the match, Sharanya also took two catches and also affected a runout.

Chasing 88 in 10 overs to win, KSV Cricket gunned down the target with five wickets and 11 balls in hand. Finn Sadarangani also played his role in the chase scoring 6 runs off 7 deliveries.