Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg rated Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Indian Premier League (IPL) on Sunday after a Twitter user posed the question.

Rating the leagues on a scale of 10, Hogg gave nine to both.

While praising PSL for bringing cricket back in Pakistan and generating interest for the game once again in the cricket-crazy nation.

However, he gave credit to the IPL for being more popular worldwide and having bigger viewership.

“Both 9 out of 10. The PSL has been the most prevalent of late because it has bought the game back to Pakistan. The IPL has the most interest in viewership worldwide,” he answered.

Despite being smaller compared to the IPL and Australia’s Big Bash, PSL has successfully positioned itself as one of the best leagues when it comes to cricket quality and other values.

Meanwhile, this year’s PSL has been affected by the coronavirus threat as it nears its completion. Over 10 foreign players and coaching staff have left the league midway to return home due to the deadly outbreak, while the league itself has been rescheduled to finish earlier than before.

IPL, on the other hand, has also been postponed till April 15. It was supposed to start from March 29.