WV Raman, coach of the Indian women’s cricket team has spoken on the debate surrounding the proposed changes to Test cricket, believing the traditional format should only be tinkered if the suggestions are rational.

Raman’s comments come in the wake up proposals first made by Cricket Australia chief Kevin Roberts, who suggested that Test cricket be trimmed and reduced to four days to allow cricketers more breathing space in international cricket. But the idea has so far failed to impress current and former cricketers, many of whom have spoken against the concept.

Referring to the recently concluded second Test between South Africa and England, which forced a result in the final day, Raman reckons changes should only be implemented if it makes sense.

“I think if you are going to bring in any change there has to be some rationale. Just to try and change for the sake of change I don’t think it is worth it,” Raman said at the launch of his book The Winning Sixer. “It is all about timing in life, when this talk is going on there was a fantastic last day’s cricket which provided a result. So it is going to be tough for the apex body to do something about it.”

Raman’s book focusses more on leadership in cricket than just another analytical deciphering. After he finished his India career having played 11 Tests and 27 ODIs, Raman turned to coaching. Having led Tamil Nadu and Bengal under his guidance, he was appointed batting coach of Kings XI Punjab in 2013. Raman later went on to become the batting coach at the NCA, before being given charge of the India women’s national team.

“No point writing about cricket,” Raman added. “Personal stories… is only your perspective. At times you may not provide the right angle because there is a perspective from every angle. You have necessity for leadership in any walk of life and for you to exhibit leadership qualities.”