Chris Cairns slams ICC for stooping low by contacing ex-wife over match-fixing allegations
Chris Cairns, one of New Zealand’s greatest all-rounders, retired in 2006 Getty Images


Wellington: Feb 9, 2014


Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns has slammed the International Cricket Council (ICC) for “stooping to a new low” by contacting his former wife in South Africa to seek information about match-fixing allegations against him.


Cairns, one of New Zealand’s greatest all-rounders who retired in 2006, is fuming after investigators approached his former wife Carin van den Berg, last week.


According to, Cairns said that although the ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) had confirmed that he was under investigation for match fixing, however, the team has ignored his lawyer”s correspondence and refused his offer to be interviewed ”anytime, anywhere”.


Stating that the manner in which the entire matter has been handled is a”disgrace”. Cairns also said that ICC’s move in contacting Van Den Berg was the “final straw” especially as they have still not contacted him, adding that he cannot believe the recklessness with which his name and reputation is being handled.


Cairns also denied reports that British police had been in New Zealand to interview him and former teammates Lou Vincent and Darryl Tuffey, who have also been under investigation, adding that his life had been in “limbo” since the ICC confirmed the investigation in early December.


Cairns further said he was happy to cooperate with the investigation but eight weeks had now passed and the uncertainty is impacting on his family.


Cairns successfully sued former Indian power-broker Lalit Modi in 2012 after he accused the former of match-fixing, the report added.