West Indies superstar Chris Gayle has lambasted former teammate Ramnaresh Sarwan, calling him ‘worse than coronavirus’ for the alleged role played in his exit from Caribbean Premier League (CPL) team Jamaica Tallawahs.

Gayle said he hoped to end his career with the Talllawahs after signing a three-year contract ahead of the last season.

However, his plans changed after the franchise decided against retaining him before he was signed by St Lucia Zouks as a marquee player.

“Sarwan, you are worse than the coronavirus right now,” Gayle said in a video posted on YouTube. “What transpired with the Tallahwahs, you had a big part to play. Sarwan, you were the one who gave a big speech on my birthday party about how far we have come. Sarwan, you are a snake. You know, you are not the most loved person in the Caribbean. You are so vindictive, you are still immature, you are back-stabbing.”

“In everybody’s eyes, you acted as if you were this saint, this good person…. Sarwan, you’re evil, you’re wicked, you’re poison. You let a thing like this transpire,” he added.

The 40-year-old also claimed that Sarwan, an assistant coach at Tallawahs, was highly unpopular among the players including captain Andre Russell. “When I left Jamaica Tallawahs, that team was a high-spirited team. (But) the amount of complaints I used to get when I wasn’t there, the amount of problems they had with Sarwan – Russell was the captain at that time – the amount of problem that Sarwan and the captain have…so many players were traumatised because of Sarwan,” Gayle said.

Gayle said Sarwan wanted to be the head coach, something which he advised him against. “I told Sarwan directly that ‘Sarwan, you have no experience being a head coach. It is not an easy job,” he said.

He also claimed that the ouster may also have been triggered by his visit to a community meeting organised by Guyana’s Minister of State Joseph Harmon. “This is all coming from one visit to Guyana. Apparently, Guyana had their election and the minister invited me to his community and the other side, which the owner is a part of as well, got offended and they all take it personal,” he said.