Kevin Pietersen(L) and Chris Gayle © Getty Images (File Photo)
Kevin Pietersen(L) and Chris Gayle © Getty Images (File Photo)

Chris Gayle, the ‘World Boss’ of cricket claimed that Kevin Pietersen is nowhere in comparison when hard hitting is concerned. Gayle, in his column published in The Sydney Morning Herald, wrote about how he looks up to Kevin Pietersen. Gayle revealed that when he first saw Pietersen, he resembled a skunk to him due to his hairstyle at that time (2005) but at the same time, he mentioned how he had got the hint that Pietersen is one of the most talented batsmen. Gayle wrote, “My first impression was that he looked like a skunk, as it was the time he had that big blonde streak running down the middle of his hair. The other was that the boy could hit. I’m pretty sure he actually won that competition, against me. Beginner’s luck!” READ: Chris Gayle, Dwayane Bravo’s absence frustrating, says Phil Simmons

He pointed out the fact that though he and Pietersen played for many teams apart from their respective national sides, they hardly got chance to play together – the only occasion being when playing for  Melbourne.

Gayle added, “Later in 2005 KP and I ended up playing together, in one of those World XI matches that was played under the roof in Melbourne, which has ended up being my home with Melbourne Renegades. We’ve crossed paths a lot since but it’s always been on separate teams, initially when the West Indies were playing England but even other things like the Indian Premier League, the Caribbean Premier League and now the Big Bash League.”

He mentioned that the fact that both of them mainly play in different teams has helped them improve themselves through a healthy competition.

“I think it’s better we’re opposed to each other. I think it pushes us a bit harder to outdo the other one, which is good news for everyone watching.”