Stephen Fleming is the coach of IPL side Chennai Super Kings © Getty Images
Stephen Fleming is the coach of IPL side Chennai Super Kings © Getty Images

Bangalore: Sep 21, 2014 

The sparse crowds at the Champions League Twenty20 (CLT20) was not a strange phenomena since cricket lovers are not expected to come out in support of foreign teams, vying against each other in the tournament, Chennai Super Kings Coach Stephen Fleming said.

“It is a difficult task for neutral teams, playing anywhere around the world, to get a decent crowd and build up intensity in the tournament. Expecting this, you are asking the Indian fans much to come and support the neutral teams, other than Indian franchise teams,” he told reporters on the eve of Chennai’s face off against Dolphins tomorrow (September 21).

Fleming said for the non-Indian players, CLT20 was an excellent concept for making money and honing their cricketing skills. Asked what the players would take away from this tournament, Fleming said it gives them the opportunity to “take a break from international pressure” playing for their countries and also make them financially secure.

“It is an opportunity for us to enjoy being together. There are some IPL captains and they enjoy coming here playing in the tournament for two or three weeks. Winning tournaments like these make these players financially secure as well,” Fleming said.

Further on the issue, Fleming said the organisers would love to include other countries for expansion of CLT20, but is not possible, considering crammed calender. Replying to a query, Fleming said bowling in death overs is not just about skills.

“It is about pressure to deliver there. The hitting power of batsmen these days are improving and it really is difficult task for the death bowlers to deliver,” he said.

“Well we got few options. I don’t think any team in the world barring a team having [Lasith] Malinga would be comfortable with the death bowling. This was reflected in last night’s match where two sixes were nailed off in last two deliveries off a good death bowler,” he added. Fleming said his team has three death bowlers but the team must give them a good total for them to execute well.

“We got Mohit Sharma, Ashish Nehra and Dwayne Bravo, tasked for doing that job, but we try and give them a good total and finish off the game off our favour. The other day we lost because we did not have enough score on the board,” he said.

Asked what he expects from Dolphins which has many unknown players, Fleming said the they had good information about them.

“I think there are some good players in the opposition. I think the cricket which is being played these days are lot familiar with the teams around the world, and we have got South African influence in our side. We have good information about them,” he added.

“Also watching them in the tournament gives an idea of how they have been playing. They will be doing same with us. Probably, we are quite predictable with style of play that we have. I wouldn’t underrate the side. They are a talented side,” he said.

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