CoA clarifies eligibility criteria of electoral officers
Around 20 state units are in the process of appointing electoral officers (AFP Photo)

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) on Thursday issued clarifications on the eligibility criteria for appointing electoral officers for polls in the BCCI state units.

The original deadline for the appointments of electoral officers was July 1 but the CoA extended it to July 25. The state elections must be held before September 14.

“It is clarified that former Joint or Additional Chief Election Commissioner and Joint or Additional Chief Electoral Officers of States are not eligible for being appointed as the Electoral Officer of the Member Association,” the CoA said in a statement.

As of now, around 20 state units are in the process of appointing electoral officers while those who have not will be barred from voting in the BCCI AGM scheduled on October 22, said a board official.

“The Committee of Administrators have noted that certain State Associations have faced difficulties in appointing an Electoral Officer in terms of the aforesaid, specifically, as all States have not set up a State Election Commissions,” it said.

“With a view to ensure that the Member Associations do not face difficulties in the appointment of electoral officers for the conduct of the elections and are in a position to comply with the Supreme Court orders, the COA considers it is necessary to issue the directions.”

The state association shall appoint an electoral officer from any of the following categories of persons only: A former Chief Election Commissioner of India or former member of the Election Commission of India or a former Election Commissioner of the state.

In case, such person is not available, then former Election Commissioner of a neighbouring state(s) may be appointed, or a former Chief Electoral Officer of the state.