Fast bowler Dale Steyn is left wondering what his fellow South Africans will fall back on other than sports which he feels is the only uniting factor in a country with an apartheid past.

With coronavirus bringing the sporting world to a standstill, Steyn reckons it’s a pity that everything has been blocked off even though he’s chilling at home.

“It is actually such a pity that everything is being blocked off, because in a country like South Africa, where we have all of our problems from the past – culture, religion, ethnic backgrounds – the one thing that brings everybody together is sport,” Steyn told ESPNCricinfo.

He added, “But now at the moment, you don’t have that. In South Africa, we kind of like looking for things that unite people in big, big groups. When you don’t have sport, it’s like, oh, what do we fall back onto? And I think Nelson Mandela was the first person to really say that: sport unites people in a way that nothing else does. And if you take sport away, then I don’t know really what we have. We’re gonna have to work it all out.”