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Aug 14, 2014


Dwayne Bravo will bowl the last over and devieves Theron with a slow delivery. Dot ball. Second delivery is slammed straight to short-mid on. The fielder shies an attempt at the stumps and misses it. Overthrows and the batsmen runs two. Another slow ball and Theron scoops it in the air, and the wind beats the mid-wicket fielder who grasses it and then Theron finishes off in grand style with a huge six to finish the match! What drama and what a match.



Andre Russell gets to his half-century witn a boundary. It was poor work in the deep from Cooper as the ball went through the onrushing fielder’s legs and rolls to the boundary. A slow ball from Gabriel and Russell gets a top edge and this time Lewis runs in from deep point and can’t grasp the ball. Two runs taken. Gabriel bowls full and Russel crashes the ball past long off and follows it up by banging a full toss over the bowler’s hear for another four. What power! 8 needed from the last over and Theron will take strike.



Dwayne B comes in for the 18th over and starts off tidily in the first three balls against Rusty Theron. Then, Russell hammers the ball towards the mid-wicket boundary for a couple. It was well saved by Kevin O’Brien in the deep and follows it up with a boundary over the third man fence. Russell keeps the strike. Move over Kieron Pollard



Kevon Cooper is for the seventeenth over and Russell’s carnage continues as he smokes a boundary through extra cover. 10 comes of the over and its 32 needed of 18 now.



The powerful Russell is turning on the heat and a couple of lusty bowls has suddlenly turned the complexion of the contest. Theron can hit the ball a long way too and this context could go down to the wire. Russell has walloped a couple of humongous sixes of Jason Mohammed in this over as I type.



There goes the big fish and its a direct hit that finds Nkrumah Bonner short of his ground. Andre Russell then comes in and whacks a six into the side.
N Bonner Run Out 37(39),



Another wicket goes and its a long hop that goes horribly wrong and Ross Taylor takes a safe catch. Bernard departs after a laboured innings where he chewed up a lot of deliveries
D Bernard c Taylor b Benn 6(14)



Bonner has been going steady after the collapse earlier on and has steadied the innings with the bowling start today, Bernard.



Red Steel are all over Tallawahs and its Benn yet again. Blackwood is trapped in front and the batsman is in despair. Replays show that the ball was hitting the stumps and Gayle looks furious from the dugout. The run rate, meanwhile is mounting and Jamaica don’t have too many batters in reserve to bail them out either
J Blackwood lbw b Benn 4(6)



Poor cricket from Adam Voges costs his wicket and it was a terrible way to throw his wicket. Trying to squeeze a quick single, Voges starts slowly and then is found short of his ground through a direct hit. Then Kevon Cooper bowls a maiden.
A Voges Run Out 1(2)



Suleimann Benn is into the attack and he is treated to a delightful six straight down the ground first ball. The next delivery is a single and then Jason Mohammed takes an absolute blinder, jumping to his left at short mid-wicket. Waldon departs
OUT! C Waldon c Mohammed b Benn 8(12)



Jamaica live dangerously. Gabriel is getting the ball to move at a nice pace and has the batsmen in a bit of trouble. Walton was almost caught in the covers after he did not middle the ball and the ball rolled to the fence.



Chris Gayle departs its a shocker of a decision from the umpire. The delivery was pitching outside leg stump and the Jamaican talisman is livid and has to make the long walk back to the pavilion.
C Gayle lbw b Gabriel 1(3)



Rusty Theron in action again. Andre Russell’s fortunes are a mixed lot in the last over. First, he gets the wicket and then he gets a wicket and then has a good end to innings.
OUT! N Pooran c Theron b Russel 3(4)



Rusty Theron deceives Ross Taylor with a slow ball and Jamaica get the wicket they have been looking for. The ball does not travel this time and the fine leg fielder takes a safe catch. Darren Bravo also goes for the long hop and another wicket goes as the deep midwicket fielder takes a safe catch.
OUT! R Taylor c Taylor b b Theron 70(44), Darren Bravo c Bonner b Theron 32(33)



Bravo has come to the party and hammers Jerome Taylor for a massive six over long on and the sixes keep raining here.



Taylor is on the march and there are boundaries galore off the hapless Rusty Theron. Terrible bowling from the South African is brutally punished by Ross Taylor. Two massive sixes flow of his blade and he follows that with a boundary that comes of the top edge.



Ross Taylor and Darren Bravo are taking the attack to the cleaners and Taylor in particular is going hammer and tongs at the bowling attack. This is just absolute carnage here.



Finally, the score is getting a move and its is through an expensive Andre Russel over. First its a crisp boundary from Bravo and then Ross Taylor smashes the first six of the match over the deep mid-wicket boundary.



David Bernard, take a bow! It is yet another tidy over which has the batsmen in a tangle and finishes his spell with exceptional figures of 4-0-19-3.



Darren Bravo is on the move and the elegant southpaw ticks the ball down to fine leg for a boundary after a tidy start to the over. Then Rusty Theron misses an absolute sitter at gully. This might prove costly for Jamaica.



David Bernard bowls a short delivery and its comes at a comfortable height for batsman Jamshed. The full blooded pull is straight to the deep mid-wicket fielder. Then Evin Lewis in what is an action replay of the first ball of the over does the exact same thing and departs. Terrible cricket from Red Steel! Bernard beats Ross Taylor all ends up in the final ball of the over and that’s the end of the powerplay overs.
OUT! N Jamshed c Bonner b Bernard 4(5),E Lewis 18(17)



The umpire gives a wide of the second which does not impress Vettori and then Jamshed punished a full delivery by crashing it to the cover boundary. The last ball lands between two fielders inside the circle and also runs away to the boundary. Evin Lewis is the batsman.



Bernard gets some late movement and O’Brien doesn’t move his feet and nicks it to first slip. Chris Gayle takes a simple catch and Tallawahs are on their way. The busy player that he is, Jamshed has already got things under way with a couple of twos.
OUT! K O’ Brien c Gayle b Bernard 11(12)



It is another tidy over by Vettori. The Left-arm spinner finished his over in a breeze and the last ball was well cut off in the deep by the deep mid-wicket fielder who saved a certain boundary there.



Daniel Bernanrd bowls the second over and Kevin O’ Brien brings the first boundary of the match. The delivery was overpitched and it was driven in style by the Irishman to the boundary. The stands are nearly empty at Basseterre by the way.



Its Daniel Vettori who will start proceedings for Jamaica and the former New Zealand captain is on target. Kevin O’ Brien is pushed onto the backfoot and its four dot balls in a row. Evin Lewis dabs it around the corner to keep strike.


The Dwayne Bravo-led Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel will clash with the Chris Gayle-led Jamaica Tallawahs to decide which team will meet the Denesh Ramdin-led Guyana Amazon Warriors to decide the second finalist of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2014.

CPL said in a press release that the winner of the match would meet current second-placed team Guyana Amazon Warriors for a spot in the final, thereby meeting the current table-toppers Barbados Tridents, who are led by the talismanic Kieron Pollard.

Tallawahs skipper Gayle took a bit of a dig at Bravo, saying, “I actually blame [Dwayne] Bravo for us being in this position in the first place by losing to the Hawksbills at the weekend, and I always regain my form when I face him, so I am looking forward to the challenge of playing the Red Steel. We have the quality to get the job done and I back my team to get the results and come out on top.”

Hi I am R Vishal. I will be bringing you Live Updates of the first semifinal. With so many entertainers on the pitch, one expects a cracking contest. Catch our preview of the match here.