James Sutherland is the CEO of Cricket Australia    Getty Images
James Sutherland is the CEO of Cricket Australia Getty Images

Just a few days back Ellyse Perry made headlines, for her six in Women s Big Bash League (WBBL) had injured a kid in the stands. This was not the first time an accident like this took place and Cricket Australia (CA) will now take necessary steps to avoid more unpleasant incidents. In a release, CA mentioned they will put a check on all the campaigns that encourage the spectators to catch sixes hit by batsmen into the stands and that they will spread more safety awareness.

“The safety and security of any fan, player, employee or official at Cricket Australia-sanctioned matches is our number one priority,” CA s spokesperson told Sydney Morning Herald. “As most fans are aware, balls can stray off the playing field into the stands. At all our matches, we continually warn fans of this hazard through PA reads with accompanying vision screen graphics as well as targeting bays likely to be affected during warm-up drills.

“We provide education of certain shots over the PA system and vision screen, particularly with a ‘free hit’ with the sounding of the siren, and then utilise the siren when a free hit occurs. Finally, all of our event staff are briefed of this risk at pre-match briefings to appropriately assist fans at the ground, he added.