Kumar Sangakarra is a prominent ambassador of Ayrtek helmets Getty Images

England: Nov 05, 2012

Ayrtek, cricket equipment manufacturers, have launched a new type of helmet which isn t made of metal or plastic.

Its signature feature being, it is adjusted by pumping air into by pushing a button on the side to inflate it. The inner lining or the ACIS (Air Cushion Impact System) enables the user to inflate and deflate the air in the chambers to fit precisely on anyone.

However, its primary purpose is to decrease the energy of the ball on impact and deflect away balls headed for a batsmen s temple. According to the official Ayrtek website, it has the capability to absorb 300% more impact than any other outer shell. All of this lends to its unique design and shape.

The shape and design also helps in sliding balls away in case of impact. It allows for maximum strength and thickness in the centre of the helmet while the lid ensures optimum field of view for the batsmen. All of the materials used in its production make it the lightest helmet around.

A player has a choice of 3 different outer shells to choose from Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass or the High-Impact ABS which comes with the option of a titanium or steel grill.

Many world class players already use Ayrtek helmets, Kumar Sangakarra being its most prominent ambassador. With its new innovative features, it is sure to be a hit in the cricket world.