Donald Trump becomes 45th President of USA    Getty Images
Donald Trump becomes 45th President of USA Getty Images

November 9, 2016 mark this date as it will be remembered for a long period of time for a historic change in the United States of America (USA) as the nation selected Donald Trump as their next president. Trump will take the seat of President of USA after Barack Obama, who was in the office from January 2008 to November 2016. Trump becomes the 45th President of USA as he won the election by claiming 48% of votes. Since the beginning of this election campaign, Trump has been promoting himself quite aggressively and has always made headlines with his controversial comments.

Trump was the face of Republican Party and defeated Hillary Clinton, who represented the Democratic Party. Going by the reports, Trump’s party has won 276 seats, while Hillary won 218 seats. Many big personalities came ahead prior to the election during the campaign and suggested not to vote for Trump but seems like that has worked in favour of Trump himself. From a very young age, Trump has been making headlines and used to be among the most popular real estate businessmen in USA. His victory is also seen as the victory of right-wing people by some sections of media, thus labelling his win as not-so-good thing to happen for the world.

But those media reports notwithstanding, fact of the matter remains Trump has won. With him becoming the new President of USA, many active and former cricketers have reacted and expressed their views on the same. We present some of the tweets from social zone.