Dean Jones asks Australia to take on South Africa bowling in 'one-day' style
Dean Jones said if Australia stays positive, they can put the South African attack under enormous pressure © Getty Images


Sydney: Feb 8, 2014


Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones has asked Australian batsman to take on the South African bowling attack, which he branded as the “best in the world”, “one-day style” in the upcoming Test series.


Jones believes that Australia needs to plan carefully and hit the ground running if they want to win the first Test match at Centurion Park because if they win the first Test, they will win the series, as teams rarely come back after being one Test down.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jones advised the Australian batsman to continually see where they can hit a “one” and a “boundary”, adding that if Australia stays positive, coupled with great running between the wickets, they can put the South African attack under enormous pressure.


Jones further said that the major reason Australia had a great winter at home was that their bowlers were in great form and they fielded brilliantly, adding that they also need to ensure that they do not miss the opportunities to get out their opponents.


Jones also said that Australia’s catching must be at the same high standards as it was during the Ashes in order to win the three-Test series against South Africa.