It is a cardinal mistake not to trust MS Dhoni’s word during a cricket match. On Saturday, Deepak Chahar realised it the tough way. It happened during the first ball of the third over during the Mumbai Indians chase in Delhi. In between the overs, Dhoni suggested Chahar that he could opt for two slips, a suggestion that was promptly turned down by the bowler.

What happened next broke Chahar’s heart as Rohit came hard at an overpitched ball only to find the outside edge, The ball flew for a boundary from where a second slip would have been. Chahar had his hands on his head to express his disappointment for not listening to the CSK skipper’s advice.

Here is what happened:

Eventually, Rohit perished for 35 off 24 balls. Shardul Thakur got the big fish at a crucial juncture in the match.

Despite the win, Mumbai remains at the fourth spot and CSK also stays at the top of the points table. Mumbai has won four out of seven, while Chennai has won five out of seven.