Delhi-based Doctor claims informing Yuvraj's family about tumour in May

Dr Pawandeep Kohli said he does not know why Yuvraj Singh went to England despite the problem Getty Images

By Sanjay Ganjoo

Chandigarh: Feb 6, 2012

Contrary to reports which until recently suggested that Yuvraj Singh had a non-malignant tumour, a leading doctor, who conducted tests on him in May-June last year, said he had detected a “malignant growth” and suggested immediate treatment at the best centres in the world.

Throwing new light over the issue, Dr Pawandeep Kohli said that he had conveyed to Yuvraj’s parents as early as May-June that there was a malignant mass growing in his chest, for which he should immediately rush for treatment.

According to Kohli, Yuvraj is being currently treated in the United States for what is called as mediastinal seminoma or the growth of germ cells.

“Yuvraj came to inaugurate my clinic on May 19 with his physiotherapist Dr Jatin Chaudhry, who is a good friend of mine. The event was organised after India won the World Cup and even though I did not personally know Yuvraj then, I invited him since the country had won the Cup after 1983 and he had emerged as man-of-the-tournament,” Dr Kohli told PTI over phone.

50-year-old Kohli, who runs G-Scan Imaging and Diagnostics Centre in East of Kailash, New Delhi, said in May last year he had set up a new MRI machine, specially for sportspersons to deal with sports injuries.

“When Yuvraj came, a battery of mediapersons were present at my clinic since he was the World Cup hero. What went unnoticed then was that Yuvraj was coughing very badly. When I told Yuvraj about this, we decided to conduct tests on him May 23. A CT scan guided biopsy was done later, which revealed malignant growth. It was detected as tumour, a big mass of the mediastinum.

“I told his parents, both his father and mother separately that Yuvraj should immediately go for treatment and that it should not be delayed any further. However, later I was told that they would get the treatment on their own and in the meanwhile, I also lost touch with them,” Kohli, a senior radiologist, who claims to have set up first MRI machine in Kabul in 2008, said.

He further said that he had also informed the Cricket Board about the seriousness of Yuvraj’s illness and told them that the Chandigarh cricketer has got a problem in his medistanum.

“When I conducted the tests on Yuvraj, my heart was crying. I also consulted leading doctors in the US and told his parents about the urgency of the matter,” he said.

Asked how reports of the tumour being non-malignant circulated, Dr Kohli says that he was baffled to know this.

“I don’t know,” he said.

He said that it was on his advice that Yuvraj did not go for West Indies tour, but does not know why he went to England despite the problem.

Asked to comment why he did not intervene when he knew about Yuvraj’s problem, Kohli said, “To be honest, his privacy is of paramount importance. I can speak now because his father has also spoken today. Even Yograj ji has said that he feels Yuvraj’s treatment was delayed.”

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