Dennis Lillee contemplating online coaching for fast bowlers

Dennis Lillee worked with the MRF Pace academy for 25 years Getty Images

Chennai: Sep 3, 2012

After snapping his long association with the MRF Pace Foundation, former Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee has now decided to share his new coaching ideas with the masses through a project called ‘Dennis Lillee online coaching for fast bowling’.

Lillee, who has picked compatriot Glenn McGrath to be his successor as Director of Coaching at the MRF Pace Foundation here, told PTI: “I still want to keep my hand in to coaching. I am setting up a project on internet coaching called Dennis Lillee online coaching. This will be the first ever online coaching for fast bowling in cricketing world.”

Explaining the nuances of his project, he said: “The coaching methods will be set out in different segments like advising in coaching for the masses, individual coaching for players who are already representing their countries on international levels etc.

“Also coaching for cricket academies in the world and assisting Cricket Boards’ requirements in formulating a system of coaching in their country through internet and chipping in with advises to them on importance of injury recovery programmes.

“The software that I will use will help me to analysis the problem of the bowler by receiving his images – on his run-up, bowling action and delivery of the ball and so on. Every minutest detail of images will be thoroughly examined, analysis made and then provides the necessary inputs to the bowlers.

“In fact, the bowlers will be asked to correct themselves accordingly and then experience the positive changes in their bowling efforts, before sending us his feed backs.”

Dennis, who worked with the MRF academy for 25 years, however, said his coaching will not come free and that he will have a pool of coaching staff with technical expertise on fast bowling.

“Obviously it will be a business proposition and some sponsors will also be involved in that. It gives everyone a chance to get advises on fast bowling from a pool of experts,” Lillee said.

“I will have a team of experts on my board on coaching online. I will be doing a lot of talking to the bowlers who seek advises. That is what I am taking in doing now since I have stopped with coaching physically with MRF and other ventures.”

Lillee said his website will be a state-of-the-art site with facilities to view images in slow motion with high definition set up.

“A lot of links are to be gathered before it actually happens, perhaps by April next year it will be launched. I have to select a band of coaches that I trust, good technical coaches,” he said.

Asked whether he will be ready to coach young talents at age ten or so if they sought his advises, Lillee said: “May be if the boys have aptitude in them and really wants to take to fast bowling and if that could work on online too. It may not be direct but it could be string down to a computer man and we do some analysis and send them back to the boys.”

“We have detailed our plans and I or my band of coaches could even be available online for sorting out minor issues online for bowlers.

“The main idea behind the project is that I want to give and share my knowledge with the masses in the world to help them to be worthy bowlers in their cricketing career. There is no end to sharing my knowledge with the masses,” he said.

He said: “Realistically speaking, I have come to a stage where I am ready to give fresh ideas and I still feel that I have something to offer to the masses.”

As far as his continued association with the MRF Academy, Lillee said: “They have asked me to continue for a year or two to be consultant coach. Perhaps, I will come here for few days in a year.” (PTI)