New Delhi: Former India coach Ravi Shastri lavished huge praise on former India captain MS Dhoni on Wednesday while speaking to Shoaib Akhtar on his Youtube channel. Shastri said that he has seen a lot of great players in his life but none comes close to Dhoni’s composure, adding he was always laidback and it never mattered to him whether he scored a duck or a century for his team. Shastri further said that even Sachin Tendulkar was not like him, who he believed had a great temperament.

“MS Dhoni was unreal. I have never seen a guy like him in my life. Whether he makes a zero or a 100, or lift a World Cup or get knocked out in the first round, it never mattered to him. I promise you, I have seen a lot of players but none like Dhoni. I have seen even Sachin Tendulkar. Fantastic temperament but sometimes get angry but this guy never gets angry. He didn’t care,” said Shastri.

“In fact, if he can avoid having the phone in his hand, he will avoid the phone in his hand. Honestly, even till today, I don’t have his number. I have never asked for his number even. Because I know he never carries his phone and if you have to get in touch with him, you know how to get in touch with him. MS is that kind of a guy,” added the 59-year-old former India coach.

Shastri is currently in Oman for the Legends League Cricket where he was roped in as the Commissioner of the League.