Among the cricketing fraternity who celebrated the birthday of Indian skipper Virat Kohli on social media with some lovely wishes on his 31st birthday, Rishabh Pant’s tweet to Kohli, stood out for its quirkiness.

The Young boy’s brand of ‘Delhi Humour’ was there to see as he wrote, “Happy birthday chachaaa @imVKohli”, accompanied by two smileys and a photo of the duo laughing together, presumably from a cringe-worthy ad shoot last year.

That was Pant being Pant, however, the wicketkeeper batsman has been the target of online trolls for long, more so in recent times, and this was the best opportunity for those unknown social media warriors to throw dirt at the Delhi boy.

One Twitter user equated the laughter to that of his reaction whenever he says he is confident on taking a review. The reference here was Pant botched DRS review that he forced India’s T20I skipper Rohit Sharma during the 1st ODI against Bangladesh in Delhi last week.

Other user pointed out why Pant will never to out of team India, ” Ab chacha team se nhi nikalenge bhateje ko”. There were comments on his batting form as well, “ye sab chhodo… run kaise bane uspe dhyaan de”/

One user acussed Pant of buttering the skipper to keep his place in the team. ” “.

Pant also received a piece of advice from one user “First improve your game , chaccha se kuch sikho.”.

One user even went to the extend of saying that it was his tweet that prompted Pant to wish Kohli. Yea, just imagine.


Pant’s tweet, posted yesterday has so far received 2.2K Retweets and 52.9K Likes.