Australia legend Shane Warne has criticised the obsession with baggy green cap, saying he didn’t need to wear it to prove how much he loved playing cricket for his country.

Warne, speaking to an Australian radio station, revealed how he once refused to wear the cap to Wimbledon, terming it as ‘sickening’.

“I cherished my baggy green cap, it was with me every time we played,” Warne told Triple M. “We wore it for the first session every time, and it sat next to me in the dressing room wherever I was all around the world. But I always believed that you didn’t have to wear the baggy green cap to say how much you loved playing cricket for Australia.”

Australian cricketers, past and present, continue to wax lyrical about the symbolism of baggy green cap but Warne rejects it as ‘verbal diarrhoea’.

“So the stuff that they go on about, the fabric of the baggy green and all this stuff that they go on about, I don’t sign in and buy in to that. I loved playing cricket for Australia, and I didn’t need to wear that cap or have that verbal diarrhoea about it, I just enjoyed playing cricket for Australia,” the 50-year-old said.

To Warne, Test cricket’s second most prolific wicket-taker, wearing a floppy hat was the same as wearing his baggy green which he auctioned earlier this year to raise funds for those affected by the Australian bushfires.

“I always felt that if I wore a white floppy hat or wore my baggy green cap it meant exactly the same, I was playing for Australia. I didn’t need to wear it to bloody Wimbledon, which was just sickening, that they’d wear it to Wimbledon,” he said.

“I actually refused, myself and Mark Waugh refused, but some of those other guys, yeah, they wore it sitting at Wimbledon in you green baggy cap, come on mate, please. Give us a spell. That was embarrassing, that was embarrassing,” he added.