Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad (AFP Photo)

Stuart Broad has no problems with the stump microphones being turned on but feels a line has to be drawn as far as verbal exchange between players on a cricket field goes.

Recently, West Indies pacer Shannon Gabriel was banned for four ODIs for alleged homophobic remarks aimed at England captain Joe Root.

In response to Gabriel’s remarks, Root was heard saying, “Don’t use it as an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

“There’s been a lot of focus on the stump microphones this week following the verbal exchange between Shannon Gabriel and Joe Root. I don’t mind having the stump mics on because comments like that are so rare,” Broad wrote in his column for Daily Mail.

“My view on this is that you shouldn’t say something to someone on a cricket field that you wouldn’t say to them on the street. You wouldn’t walk around saying deeply offensive, personal things to people, would you? So why on the field of play?” he added.

Throwing light on his own on-field comments, Broad said he limits them to playing with the psyche of the batsmen and never makes them personal.

“When I ‘sledge’, so to speak, I go down the route of ‘don’t try anything this ball’ or ‘you’re under pressure for your position’ – that kind of thing is part and parcel of international sport. I actually like that side of the game – telling a batsman not to drive when you have four slips, and then they look to drive. A bit of reverse psychology. I just don’t go down the personal route,” he said.

Broad, a veteran of 126 Tests, feels the upcoming home Ashes series against won’t be much verbal in light of the cultural review that Australian cricket has undergone post the Newlands ball-tampering scandal last year.

“If the stump mics had been turned up in 2017-18, the umpires would have been a lot busier than they have been this week, the way the Australians went about their business. But I don’t think it will be an overly verbal series this summer because Australia will be under pressure to maintain their new culture of behaviour, and the kind of guy their captain Tim Paine is, I am not sure he would stand for too much nonsense,” he observed.