Ed Cowan feels Mickey Arthur was right in dropping four players for Mohali Test

New Delhi: Mar 21, 2013

Australian batsman Ed Cowan has said that  coach Mickey Arthur’s decsion to stand down four players ahead of the Mohali Test was the right one and praised him for showing the courage to do so.

Shane Watson, James Pattinson, Mitchell Johnson and Usman Khawaja were axed from the side for failing to provide Arthur with a presentation, stating ways to improve their performances in the ongoing tour.

“We have been unified by what happened in Mohali and there is no doubt the tough decisions needed to be made if we aspire to be the best team in the world, which we do,” Cowan said, as reported by cricket.com.au

Arthur’s move was met by divided opinion in the cricketing fraternity, but Cowan feels that Arthur made the right decision.

“There had to be some tough decisions. It showed immense courage by the leadership group to make those decisions and the group is right behind that. It feels as though we have come together behind that and we feel quite buoyed by the concept of moving forward together. It wasn’t just — ‘right, this is the moment’, there had been a build up and there always comes a time where there is a breaking point and that happened in Mohali.”

“But now it feels there is some solidarity behind the team moving forward and we’re excited by that unity and why it has been created,” he added.