England vs Australia Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013 4th Test Day 3: Pietersen falls after 106-run stand with Bell

Ian Bell is anchoring England’s innings yet again © Getty Images

Aug 11, 2013

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ENG 234/5 | Overs 74 | Bell 105*, Bresnan 4*

It has been a good day for England and his ton has given England a good lead. Since it is a low scoring game, this may be a good total and tomorrow may have more surprises in store for us. Australia have had their moments, but could no nothing to stop the classy Bell from going on to notch his third hundred of this series. That is is from us for today. Do join us tomorrow.

ENG 228/5 | Overs 71 | Bell 100*, Bresnan 3*

Bell has a bit of fortune. He tries a late cut, but it rises and Bell is caught off-guard. Clarke at third-slip tried to get there, but could not. It just goes past him. That takes Bell to 99. He then pushes the next ball to mid-on for a single. That is his 100.

ENG 223/5 | Overs 68 | Bell 96*, Bresnan 2* OUT! Bairstow 28(65)

Bairstow goes! He tried to make room to Lyon, but only managed to edge it to Haddin. Lyon continues to pick wickets from around the wicket. Tim Bresnan is the new man and he gets off the mark with a couple.

ENG 215/4 | Overs 66 | Bell 94*, Bairstow 28*

There is no stopping Bell in this series. Another late cut to the fast bowlers leaves the gully fielder in a tizzy. It was simply timed past him and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He then essays a classy straight drive for another four to move into the 90s. The ton is very much possible today.

ENG 205/4 | Overs 64 | Bell 84*, Bairstow 28*

England have moved past 200 and Bairstow is now looking confident. He cut Siddle behind point to complete England’s 200. At the other end, Bell is in sublime touch. The cover drive looked ever so beautiful as it went along the ground to the boundary. Can he get to his 100 today? Meanwhile, the fifty partnership is also up.

Play has resumed at Chester-le-Street. We still have a few overs to go for the day and the fans would be hoping to witness a full day’s play. Here is what Ronnie Irani had to say when the two teams went off the park:

ENG 186/4 | Overs 59.2 | Bell 75*, Bairstow 18*

Bad light has stopped play here. Just like yesterday, the umpires have called the players off the field as they aren’t happy with the light. There still is a chance that they may come on again. Yesterday, it had seen the close of play, but there is more time today for the players to come back.

ENG 186/4 | Overs 59 | Bell 75*, Bairstow 18*

Bell going about very smoothly. But, isn’t Bairstow doing well. He continues to show flashes of brilliance and why he is rated so highly. Harris is first hit through the covers for four and then pulled between deep square and fine-leg for four more.

ENG 170/4 | Overs 53 | Bell 67*, Bairstow 10*

Jonny Bairstow gets into his stride. He dances down the track to Lyon and lofts him through mid-off for four. The next ball, he does the same thing, but hits it a lot flatter for four more. This should help him get some confidence.

ENG 155/4 | Overs 47.3 | Bell 62*, Bairstow 0* OUT! Pietersen 44(84)

Pietersen dances down the track to Lyon and tries to work one away through the leg-side. The ball was way outside off-stump and it takes the inside-edge and goes past Haddin to the boundary at fine-leg. Haddin had a smile as it was a very tough chance. Pietersen then walks to Bird and is hit on the pads. Australia go for the review, but he is out.

But, Australia have their man. Charging to Lyon, he gets an outside edge that flies to cover. This partnership worth 106 has come to an end. Is this the breakthrough that will get them back into the game?

ENG 142/3 | Overs 43 | Pietersen 38*, Bell 55*

Ian Bell has got to fifty. he plays two classic shots through the off-side to fetch boundaries. Full of class! He leaned forward and was perflectly balanced when he merely carresed it along the ground. Pietersen finally has a run after tea.

ENG 130/3 | Overs 41 | Pietersen 37*, Bell 44*

It has been slow going from England after lunch as only seven runs have come from the last five overs. Australia have employed Harris and Peter Siddle and it is still a alittle overcast.

Aakash Chopra, the former India batsman explains why Australia’s bowlers are doing well:


ENG 123/3 | Overs 36 | Pietersen 37*, Bell 37*

Lyon is trying to keep the batsmen quiet and as of now, Pietersen hasn’t really attacked him. Harris also returns to the bowling crease and continues to hold his line. England head into tea at 123 for three as Pietersen smashes two boundaries off the last two deliveries. This partnership has helped them recover. 

Michael Vaughan summed up this partnership in his tweet:

ENG 107/3 | Overs 30 | Pietersen 27*, Bell 31*

England have brought up their hundred and this partnership is now worth more than fifty. It has come in good time as well. Pietersen showed his typical dominance with a strong pull-shot for four. Nathan Lyon has been summoned into the attack and his contest against Pietersen would be interesting to watch. There is some turn and bounce for Lyon.

ENG 91/3 | Overs 25 | Pietersen 18*, Bell 24*

Batting is looking relatively easier now with the two men in form out in the centre. Bell is in supreme touch and his confidence reflects it. Imagine this! He sessayed a late cut through the slip cordon for four. Considering the situation and the conditions, it was an audacious stroke.

Pietersen has faced a few short one and has dealt with them with conviction. There are two that he couldn’t control, but it fell way short of deep square-leg.

Here is what David Lloyd has to say about the venue:


ENG 71/3 | Overs 20 | Pietersen 12*, Bell 10*

Bell and Pietersen are the men in form and they have to tackle the tricky conditions. Shane Watson is into the attack and there is movement for him as well. The Australians must be relishing these conditions and are making it tough for England. No doubts this pair is crucial for England.

Here is what Michael Vaughan tweeted:

ENG 49/3 | Overs 14.2 | Pietersen 1*, OUT! Trott 23(28)

Trott nearly drags one back onto his stumps. However, he later confidently flicks Bird through the leg-side for a boundary. It was a good shot as it was beautifully placed between the fielders close in. Pietersen gets off the mark on the first ball with a push through the off-side.

Trott is gone now too! Harris bowls one short and Trott gets a glove on it as it goes to Haddin’s gloves down the leg side. What a big moment in this match!

ENG 42/2 | Overs 13 | Trott 17*, Pietersen 0* OUT! Cook 22(37)

Harris gets the big one! Cook was trying to drive, but only managed to get an edge to wicket-keeper Brad Haddin. What success for Australia! This test match continues to become more interesting by the minute. Kevin Pietersen is the new man in the centre.

ENG 24/1 | Overs 9 | Cook 17*, Trott 5*  Lunch

It is lunch on the third day as England are still eight runs behind Australia’s first innings total. Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott will look to stitch a meaningful partnership and help England towards setting a good target. Australia will be happy with their performance taking the wicket of Root.

As Matt Prior said at the end of the second day, the pitch is not going to get any better. The batsmen will have to stick on the wicket and show some resistance. It’s going to be a fascinating second session as the match can still drift on either side. Take a look at the lunch report here.

ENG 21/1 | Overs 7 | Cook 15*, Trott 4* OUT! Root 2(19)

Ryan Harris got a full length delivery to move away from Joe Root and the Yorkshire lad misses it completely to see his off-stump disturbed. Meanwhile Alastair Cook is looking positive unlike playing the waiting game in the first innings. Jonathan Trott joins the skipper.

ENG 13/0 | Overs 5 | Cook 11*, Root 2*

Alastair Cook is underway with a classic cover-drive for four. He leans forward and carreses it through the covers. He then gets one on the pads and it is worked behind square for another four. Bird gets an edge off Joe Root’s bat, but it falls short of the second slip.

AUS 270/10 | Overs 89.3 | Harris 28*, Bird 0* OUT! Harris 28(53)

Harris is having fun as he is stroking boundaries off Stuart Broad. He struck three consecutive boundaries in an over and the stroke that stood out was a straight drive through mid-on. Bird is then struck on the pads, but Dar doesn’t give it out. Hawk Eye confirms that. Harris is also hit in front, but Tony Hill has ruled it not out. England go for the review, and it confirms that Harris is out. Broad gets five! Australia lead by 32.

AUS 258/9 | Overs 87 | Harris 16*, Bird 0* OUT! Lyon 4(7)

Anderson is running through the tail. He traps Nathan Lyon and Aleem Dar raises his finger. Australia are losing the initiative here and the flurry of wickets has affected their chances of taking a significant lead. England are in the contest with a bang. Lyon is unlucky as the Hot Spot shows it would have gone down the leg-side.

AUS 245/8 | Overs 85 | Harris 8* OUT! Siddle 5(21)

James Anderson has his first success of the match. Siddle pokes at one outside the off-stump and it carries to Alastair Cook at first-slip. In fact, he merely took it inches off the ground there. England are making inroads and the stage is set for a very good game.

AUS 240/7 | Overs 81 | Siddle 1*, Harris 7*

The new ball has been taken and that Rogers wicket couldn’t have come at a worse time. However, Ryan Harris is the new man and he has helped Australia take the lead here. How much can these tailenders make of it?

AUS 233/7 | Overs 79.2 | Siddle 1* OUT! Rogers 110(250)

Swann gets Rogers to miss one and it hits his pad and lobs in the air. Prior dives forward and takes the catch to appeal. The Hot Spot shows a small white mark on the bottom of the gloves. Rogers goes for 110. It has been a great innings. Full credit to Prior for the wicket.

AUS 224/6 | Overs 76 | Rogers 102*, Siddle 0* OUT! Haddin 13(22)

Graeme Swann comes from around the wicket and raps Haddin on the pads. There is a huge appeal and he is given out. Haddin goes for the review, but replays show that he is hit in line and it going on to hit the stumps. Breakthrough for England in the second over of the day. Siddle is the new man and he has got men around his bat.

In the first over, there was a caught behind appeal for Rogers, but the ball had hit his pads and gone to the slips.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the most-awaited blockbuster series of the season, the Ashes 2013. I, Nishad Pai Vaidya, will bring you momentary updates of the action from Day Two of the fourth Test at Chester-le-Street.

Australia will look to get a sizeable lead as they take on England on Day Three of the Fourth Ashes Test match at Chester-le-Street on Sunday.

Chris Rogers hit a fine unbeaten ton on Saturday to take Australia to 222 for five, 16 runs short of England’s first innings total.

Earlier, after bowling out England for 238, Australia were on a mat as Stuart Broad struck with three quick wickets. He came back to grab another one in the day.

If you missed the action yesterday, catch the live blog of Day Two and the Day Two report.