England vs Australia Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013 4th Test Day 2: Watson falls as Rogers nears ton

Chris Rogers got his maiden Test hundred © Getty Images

Aug 10, 2013

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End of Day’s play! The umpires have called stumps following bad light and Australia will end the day on 222 for five, 16 runs behind the England total. The day saw Stuart Broad put England in the driver’s seat early on with three quick wickets, but a resurgent Chris Rogers held Australia’s innings together on his way to a maiden Test ton. He was ably supported by Shane Watson as the duo 129 runs for the fifth wicket. Rogers ends the day unbeaten on 101 with Brad Haddin for company. It will be interesting to see how much beyond the home side’s total can Australia go. I will be back tomorrow to take you through the action from the first delivery bowled. For the moment however, I, Nishad Pai Vaidya, will sign off.

AUS 222/5 | Overs 74.4 | Rogers 101*, Haddin 12*

Bad light has stopped play at Chester-le-Street. The umpires come together and decide that they cannot continue. Rogers walks back to a standing ovarion and the Australian dressing room is giving him a wam reception. We have to wait and see if that is the last action of the day.

AUS 211/5 | Overs 72 | Rogers 100*, Haddin 2*

This is it!! Rogers gets his hundred. After blocking and prodding to Swann, he sweeps one for four and raises his bat. The Australian dressing room stands up to applaud. What an innings for this 35-year old. A very important innings as it has helpd Australia get back into the game.

AUS 205/5 | Overs 69 | Rogers 96*, Haddin 0* OUT! Watson 68(134)

Rogers is nearing that milestone. Swann delivers another full-toss and Rogers smashes it through the covers for four. There are some nervous moments as he gets a top-edge which falls short of mid-on. Australia are now past 200. It is a jittery time for Rogers and England are putting pressure on him. He later plays out a maiden from Swann. The last ball takes another edge, but it falls in no man’s land.

Broad comes in from the other end and has instant success. Watson gets a feather into one going down the leg-side and Prior collects it well. Respite for England.

AUS 199/4 | Overs 65 | Rogers 92*, Watson 66*

There is a huge appeal for a stumping. Rogers was forward to Swann and had dragged his foot out. Prior took the bails off, but Rogers got his foot back in time. Anderson bowls an over-pitched delivery to Watson and he leans forward to essay a beautiful cover-drive. When he plays such shots, you know he is in good touch and is seeing it well.

Meanwhile, Rogers has moved into the 90s. Watson is in his elements now. Anderson is straight driven for another four.

Lawrence Booth brings England’s collapse into perspective as these Australian batsmen continue to build their partnership:

AUS 177/4 | Overs 59 | Rogers 86*, Watson 51*

Watson has got to his fifty. It is a milestone he was looking for and it would be a huge relief. He got to it by turning Bresnan for a single through the leg-side. Graeme Swann has finally come into the attack and it was quite surprising that he was kept out for so long. Rogers cuts him behind point to fetch a boundary. They also get to their 100-run partnership as Watson takes a single off Bresnan. How important is this for Australia?

An interesting detail by Mohandas Menon:


AUS 162/4 | Overs 53 | Rogers 78*, Watson 44*

Australia have now moved into the 150s and this partnership is growing in confidence. This is turning out to be a good contest as Australia have fought back well.

Broad is still getting movement past Rogers. There still is enough bite in the wicket. Rogers also pulls one from Bresnan to the mid-wicket boundary for four.

Ravichandran Ashwin, the Indian off-spinner is also enjoying the game:

AUS 148/4 | Overs 48 | Rogers 71*, Watson 38*

Bresnan gives Watson some room and is carted through the off-side for four. Watson is clearly growing in confidence and it does help Australia. They would go into tea feeling a lot better than they did at lunch. These two batsmen have fought hard and there is lots to look forward to. Do join us after Tea.

AUS 136/4 | Overs 43 | Rogers 68*, Watson 30*

Jonathan Trott comes in with his dibly-dobly seamers. Interestingly, Prior is standing back. This may be a move to take pace off the ball, but at the same time have that movement. In Trott’s second over, Prior does come up to the stumps. He bowls one very wide and Watson reaches for it and hits it for four over the off-side.

AUS 126/4 | Overs 38 | Rogers 64*, Watson 24*

Watson has now found his touch. He flicked one through the on-side for four. However, the best shot came when he pulled a length delivery through square leg for four. It is still tough going for Australia as Rogers is still not hitting it very well. This pair have now put on fifty.

Here is what Mike Selvey has to say about this:

AUS 103/4 | Overs 32 | Rogers 57*, Watson 8*

Rogers edges one off Broad, but the catch isn’t taken as it wasn’t carrying to first slip. However, Swann at second slip, put in a dive and couldn’t hold on. The batsmen got a single and Rogers has completed his fifty. Under testing conditions, he has done very well.

Watson is playing patiently and is ready to leave deliveries outside the off-stump. Broad bowls a great delivery to Rogers as he tried to leave it. But, it came back in and got him in an awkward position. The ball hit the inside edge and went to fine-leg. Watson pads one and there is an appeal. However, it is turned down and the batsmen run three. The umpire seemed to have ruled that he was offering a shot. Australia’s 100 is up.

AUS 85/4 | Overs 27 | Rogers 45*, Watson 5*

Shane Watson is the new man at the crease. Rogers continues to look good and he has settled in. The ball is still moving around and Watson has played an missed one or two. Majorly, he has left them go and that is how he would have to approach this. Bresnan is also extracting some movement here and it is still cloudy at Chester-le-Street. Watson plays one back in the air towards Bresnan, but he was unable to hold on to it as he is in his follow-through. He did get his left hand to it, but it did not stick.

AUS 76/4 | Overs 22.4 | Rogers 42*, OUT! Smith 17(34)

Broad starts proceedings after lunch and gets a maiden. Bresnan has the first wicket of the afternoon. SMith pokes at one outside the off-stump and prior takes a neat catch as it dies before him. What a start for England after lunch.

AUS 75/3 | Overs 21 | Rogers 41*, Smith 17*

Australia head into lunch at 71 for three. It has been a session dominated by Stuart Broad as he has been brilliant. Australia have to recover in the afternoon session and all eyes would. Smith has done well since he has come. Rogers has looked good after struggling against Broad. Do join us in 40 minutes for the second session.

AUS 67/3 | Overs 18 | Rogers 37*, Smith 13*

Steven Smith is the new man in and Australia are now past fifty. Broad is given a breather after his early burst and Anderson replaces him after his break. Graeme Swann is introduced into the attack and he delivers a full toss. Rogers isn’t missing out this time and dispatches it through mid-wicket for four.

AUS 49/3 | Overs 13.1 | Rogers 33*, OUT! Clarke 6(18)

Broad is on fire as Michael Clarke is on his way back to the pavillion. Clarke only wafts the bat at a delivery outside the off-stump and Cook takes a good catch over his head. It is a huge wicket as Australia would now bank on Rogers. Poor shot by Clarke as he played it without any conviction.

AUS 49/2 | Overs 13 | Rogers 33*, Clarke 6*

Broad is troubling the batsmen. He is getting good movement and has it shaping away from the left-handers. There are a few that also come into them. There is a change in bowling as Bresnan replaces Anderson. The sun is coming out now and Australia would hope it stays that way. But, just as we said it, the clouds cover the sun again. Rogers flicks one through square-leg and Kevin Pietersen makes an untidy stop, which results in a boundary.

Rogers then punches an over-pitched delivery through long-off and it is timed beautifully. The fielder can do nothing about it as he dives in vain.

AUS 34/2 | Overs 8 | Rogers 20*, Clarke 5*

James Anderson gets an edge off Rogers’ bat and it flies through the slip-cordon for a four. He then strays on the pads and Rogers merely guides it through fine-leg for a four. Michael Clarke has joined Rogers in the centre and Australia need him to tackle this early period. Clarke gets off the mark in streaky fashion as an inside edge just shaves the leg-stump and goes to the fine-leg boundary for four. Broad has his hands on his head. The ball is doing a bit here.

Broad then raps Rogers on the pads and there is a loud appeal. The umpire turned it down and after a discussion, England go for the review. However, the ball has pitched outside leg-stump and England have lost a review. Rogers can breath a sigh of relief. He then drives the next ball through point to fetch four. It then comes a full circle for both sides. The ball goes past Rogers and it is taken by Prior. There was a noise, but did it hit the bat or pad. Rogers has gone for the review as the umpire gave it out. Hot Spot shows a deflection off the bat, but nothing on the bat. Apparently, they are also checking for the leg-before. The ball was clipping the stumps, but he is given not-out. DRS is working for Australia, isn’t it!

Cook is disappointed and is having a chat with the umpires. The appeal was for the catch, but not for leg-before even though Hawk Eye showed it may have hit the stumps. He was given out caught and not leg-before.

AUS 12/2 | Overs 6 | Rogers 6*, OUT! Khawaja 0(6)

Usman Khawaja walks in at number three and he goes soon after. Broad gets his second. Like Warner, Khawaja was trying to leave it, but got an inside edge which was taken by Matt Prior. The umpire raised his finger and Khawaja walked back soon after. Australia in early trouble

AUS 12/1 | Overs 4 | Rogers 6*, OUT! Warner 3(7)

It is David Warner who has walked out to open the batting with Chris Rogers. There was a lot of talk about Shane Watson’s spot in the batting order he would now come in the middle it looks like.

Australia get underway as Rogers places one through the on-side for a single. Rogers has faced majority of the deliveries and is having a close look, but Stuart Broad strays on his pads and he punches one through square-leg. An easy three for Australia there as Jonathan Trott takes it on the boundary.

Timber for Broad! He bowls one near the off-stump and Warner is late to get his bat down and it shatters his stumps. England draw first blood.

ENG 238/10 | Overs 92 | Bresnan 12*, OUT! Cook 16(16)

Peter Siddle starts proceedings on Day Two and bowls a maiden to Tim Bresnan, who lets most deliveries go through to the wicket-keeper. Jackson Bird comes in from the other end and troubles Anderson before he knocks down his middle-stump. England wouldn’t be happy with this total, but now their bowlers have to do the job.

Australia would walk out to bat in some time. Who do you think will open?

Tim Bresnan and James Anderson enter the field as the crowd welcomes them with some thunderous applause. How much will they be able to add today? They finished yesterday with a few breezy strokes and their first target would be to overhaul 250.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the most-awaited blockbuster series of the season, the Ashes 2013. I, Nishad Pai Vaidya, will bring you momentary updates of the action from Day Two of the fourth Test at Chester-le-street.

After winning the toss and electing to bat on a good track, England failed to capitalise on their advantage as they were restricted to 238 for nine at end of the day. Off-spinner Nathan Lyon took four wickets to help Australia’s cause, who would be very pleased with their efforts on Day One.

If you missed the action yesterday, catch the live blog here and the final report here.