Live Updates

  • 3:30 PM IST

    Right! Finally, finally, it is time for the action to resume!

  • 3:04 PM IST

    What an enthralling Day 3 it was! The only trouble was that it happened between rain and light! Both combined and made sure not a single ball was bowled on Day 3! Now, we welcome you to Day 4 with the hope of seeing some action! Will we begin on time? Well, the forecast is not good, not good at all because it says that there will be rain throughout the day. However, there’s no rain right now and light is pretty good as well. So, let’s hope it remains this way and we begin on time. Fingers crossed!

  • 3:03 PM IST

    … Day 4, Session 1 …

  • 9:53 PM IST

    Yes! The final word has come! No play on Day 3 as rain and light kept playing with our patience and emotions throughout the day! Join us at 1100 local (1000 GMT) for the action on Day 4. Not sure if we will have action as the forecast is pretty similar to what we’ve had. With just 2 days left, getting a result in this game looks tough. Anyway, thanks for hanging in with us! For now, it is goodbye from our side! Take care!

  • 9:41 PM IST

    UPDATE 1710 local (1610 GMT) – Well, just before the inspection, rain has arrived. So, this should be the final nail in the coffin.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    UPDATE 1645 local (1545 GMT) – So, the umpires want to hang around for a while and see if things get any better! Another inspection at 1715 local.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    UPDATE 1638 local (1538 GMT) – Well, it remains really bad and looks like the umpires are not really happy with the outfield either. So, not looking encouraging!

  • 8:59 PM IST

    UPDATE 1623 local (1523 GMT) – The inspection time is over but we are yet to get an official word. Stay with us. The umpires are out there inspecting. The covers are firmly placed though.

  • 8:55 PM IST

    … Day 3, Session 3 …

  • 8:28 PM IST

    Well, the outcome of the earlier inspection is another inspection at 1615 local! Also, the umpires have taken TEA! Stay tuned for further updates.

  • 8:06 PM IST

    UPDATE 1535 local (1435 GMT) – So, the two umpires are out for inspection! The good news is it’s not raining! Hopefully, a positive news coming our way soon.

  • 7:28 PM IST

    UPDATE 1455 local (1355 GMT) – Ok! We have an update that gives us hope. There will be an official inspection at 1530 local which is about 35 minutes from now. Let’s hope it gets more clear then and we finally get to see the game.

  • 7:21 PM IST

    UPDATE 1450 local (1350 GMT) – Another update which is same as the previous one. However, the rain is almost gone! Fingers crossed! Let’s hope we witness some action.

  • 6:54 PM IST

    UPDATE 1420 local (1320 GMT) – Nothing really to say other than sharing the same old thing. It is drizzling and no improvement in light either. Safe to say that the wait is going to be little longer.

  • 6:18 PM IST

    UPDATE 1345 local (1245 GMT) – We are back for the second session! But back with the old update only. It continues to drizzle in Southampton and our wait is going to be an extended one. Stay with us for the next update.

  • 6:16 PM IST

    … Day 3, Session 2 …

  • 5:37 PM IST

    UPDATE 1305 local (1205 GMT) – That’s that then! The first session is done and dusted, without any action as the umpires have decided to take an early Lunch. Join us for the second session and pray that things are better when we return.

  • 5:01 PM IST

    UPDATE 1230 local (1130 GMT) – Read the previous update and keep waiting. That’s what we can do as condition remains the way it was. Slight drizzle and poor light.

  • 4:36 PM IST

    UPDATE 1205 local (1105 GMT) – Nothing positive to say! The condition is pretty similar to what it was an hour ago. So, things looking really bleak for action anytime soon.

  • 4:04 PM IST

    UPDATE 1130 local (1030 GMT) – The waiting game continues as the drizzle continues. No improvement in light either! Looks like this wait will be little longer than what we did for the first session on Day 2. Hang in there!

  • 3:33 PM IST

    UPDATE 1100 local (1000 GMT) – So, it’s official then! The start of Day 3 has been delayed due to a light drizzle. The light isn’t looking good at the moment. It has gone dark out there. Let’s hope things improve and we return with a positive news.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    UPDATE 1040 local (0940 GMT) – While we still have 20 minutes for the start time, we have a bad news. The rain has made appearance and the covers are protecting the wicket right now. The light isn’t great either. So, like Day 2, most probably, we will not begin on time! Wait for the official word though.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    2 days over and not even 90 overs bowled. As we get ready to begin Day 3, the first question will be about the weather. Well, to be honest, the forecast isn’t promising but we can always keep hopes. We will do that again as Rizwan will try to score a few more vital runs for his team while the hosts would look to close the innings soon. Welcome everyone to our coverage of Day 3 of the 2nd Test between England and Pakistan.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    … Day 3, Session 1 …

  • 3:33 PM IST

    That’s all then! 45.4 overs on Day 1 and just 40.2 on Day 2. Pakistan would be the happier side after today’s performance. With 1 wicket still to go, Rizwan will look to tonk a few more out of the park to take Pakistan further. England will look to get rid of the last wicket quickly to close the innings. And again, for all these things and any sort of action to happen, we will need support from weather god. As per the forecast, they are not too happy and will look to play a spoilsport on Day 3 as well. Anyway, all we can do is hope for a better day. Join us at 1100 local (1000 GMT) on 15th August 2020 for all the action on Day 3. Until then, take care and stay fit.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    After failing to find any success in the curtailed first session, England returned with a different plan as they bowled fuller to the batters. Broad removed Babar to break the promising stand. They struck twice before giving away the advantage as they went easy on Rizwan (allowed him easy singles) and tried to remove Abbas. That didn’t do any good as the duo added vital 39 runs. Light deteriorated and we went off. We returned for the final session where only 9 balls were bowled but Broad got the wicket of Abbas. And we went off and just waited and waited, only to get disappointed because the light never got better.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    We had a delayed start of the first session due to a bit of rain and damp conditions. We got 1 hour of play eventually that belonged to Pakistan as Babar and Rizwan saw off the challenge calmly. The 2nd session began on time and it was England who struck a few times and threatened to bowl Pakistan well short of 200. However, Rizwan stayed and with a fine 50 helped Pakistan go well over 200 with support from Abbas.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    There you go! Didn’t take much time. Rain and bad light on Day 1 won the contest together! On Day 2, bad light ditched rain and has taken the center stage to force STUMPS ON DAY 2.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    UPDATE 1830 local (1730 GMT) – So, in all likelihood, this should be out final update regarding the weather! It’s good to be optimistic but with just around 30 minutes left, don’t think we will have any action on Day 2. Stay with us for the final word.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    UPDATE 1758 local (1658 GMT) – Right! We are about to enter into the final hour of Day 2. There is no improvement with regards to light. So, sit tight and wait for the next update!

England vs Pakistan 2020, 2nd Test, Southampton, Highlights: Rain And Bad Light Ruin Day 3
No play was possible on Day 3. (AFP)

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 3 of the second Test between England and Pakistan at The Rose Bowl, Southampton.


Rain and bad light meant only 40.2 overs were possible on Day 2 of the second Test between England and Pakistan, at The Rose Bowl, Southampton.

At stumps, Pakistan were 223/9. Mohammad Rizwan and Naseem Shah were unbeaten on 60 and 1 respectively.

Only 86 overs were bowled across the first two days.

After the start of play was delayed due to bad light, Babar Azam and Rizwan batted in a sensible manner to aid Pakistan’s progress. The visitors, having finished Day 1 at 126/5, reached 155/5 at lunch.

Babar (47) was out shortly after the first session. The Pakistan vice-captain was victim to a fine delivery from Stuart Broad which straightened enough to catch the outside edge and Jos Buttler did the rest.

Buttler, diving to his left, then missed a chance offered by Rizwan. However, the Englishman made no mistake when Yasir Shah nicked one behind the stumps off James Anderson’s bowling.

Shaheen Afridi followed when he was run out for a 19-ball duck. Dom Sibley was responsible for Afridi’s dismissal.

Rizwan then added 29 with Mohammad Abbas before the latter fell to Broad (3/56). The wicketkeeper-batsman continued to fight but overcast conditions forced the players off just nine balls after tea, with no further resumption possible.