Live Updates

  • 1:36 AM IST

    UPDATE 2102 local (2002 GMT) – Well, well! While the rain stopped but the outfield got real hammering! And the time the groundsmen got was not enough to keep them in shape for some action! What does this mean? THE MATCH HAS BEEN ABANDONED!

  • 1:36 AM IST

    I return but with bad news! THE GAME HAS BEEN ABANDONED! The rain had passed by but not before doing the damage!

  • 1:13 AM IST

    UPDATE 2042 local (1942 GMT) – Well, we have good news! The rain has stopped completely. And the covers have been removed.

  • 1:01 AM IST

    UPDATE 2030 local (1930 GMT) – No respite from rain for now! For a 5-over shooter, the game has to start by 2119 local, and then Pakistan will have to score 56 to win the game. But let’s hope we get much more than just a 5-over run chase. Fingers crossed!

  • 12:52 AM IST

    131/6 was the score when rain arrived to force the players back. With its entry, we will have a revised total for Pakistan using the DLS method. However, for us to get any action, the rain first needs to stop and for now, it is on its aggressive best. Stay tuned for the updates.

  • 12:49 AM IST

    Pakistan started brilliantly with Imad Wasim striking in the very first over. They kept things tight till the Powerplay and didn’t allow England to take off. However, post that the bowlers got pummeled by Banton. However, once Shadab got rid of him, the bowlers once again put the pressure back on Pakistan with spinners doing their magic. Imad and Shadab got 2 while Iftikhar Ahmed too managed to get one.

  • 12:49 AM IST

    England were asked to bat after the toss went Pakistan’s way. A slow start and then a superb counter-attack from Banton. He added 71 with Dawid Malan and scored most of the runs during the stand. He took the liking against Shadab and Rauf and scored briskly against the two, eventually falling to the former for a 42-ball 71 with the help of 5 sixes. However, once he fell, England crumbled as they lost 3 more for just 5 runs. Rain arrived to cut the English innings short.

  • 12:48 AM IST

    It continues to rain and the umpires have decided to put a full stop to England’s innings. We have started losing overs already. Let’s see what the revised target will be. In the meantime, let’s go through how things panned out when we got the action.

  • 12:41 AM IST

    UPDATE 2010 local (1910 GMT) – We have started losing overs and have probably lost a few already. And, it continues to drizzle. Not heavy but enough to keep us all waiting. So, the wait continues.

  • 12:17 AM IST

    UPDATE 1945 local (1845 GMT) – Right! We will start losing overs soon. Don’t think we will see England returning with the bat again. So, DLS will be in action and Pakistan will have a revised target. And, by the way, it is bucketing down at Old Trafford.

  • 11:58 PM IST

    UPDATE 1926 local (1826 GMT) – Well, the rain has got heavier as the groundstaff have decided to protect the square on both the sides as well.

  • 11:53 PM IST

    Well, enough is enough says the umpire! They are off, it is a little too hard now. Only the hover cover is on for now so it is probably just a passing shower.

  • 11:52 PM IST

    16.2 Mohammad Amir to Chris Jordan, wide, 1 run, NOT OUT AND WIDE! No bat involved. Another ball down the leg side from Amir. Jordan once again misses his flick. Rizwan collects the ball behind. They all appeal but the umpire has wided it already. Rizwan tells that he did hear something. So, Babar takes it upstairs at the last moment. Ultra Edge rolls in and it shows there is no bat. Pakistan, done and dusted with two of their reviews.

  • 11:51 PM IST

    An appeal for a caught behind has been turned down. It has been taken upstairs.

  • 11:50 PM IST

    16.1 Mohammad Amir to Chris Jordan, leg byes, 4 runs, FOUR LEG BYES! Useful boundary! The line is not right from Amir. It is on the pads of Jordan. He looks to work it on the leg side but misses. However, the ball clips his thigh pad and rolls to the fine leg fence.

  • 11:49 PM IST

    Mohammad Amir is back on. It is raining out there but the umpires do not feel the rush to go off. Maybe they feel it is just a passing shower.

  • 11:48 PM IST

    15.6 Imad Wasim to Chris Jordan, 1 run, Another single to end one more successful over from Wasim. A good spell by him comes to an end. 4-0-31-2 for him. His last ball is flicked with the angle towards mid-wicket for one.

  • 11:48 PM IST

    15.5 Imad Wasim to Sam Billings, 1 run, Once again into the pads, Billings works it through mid-wicket and takes one.

  • 11:48 PM IST

    15.4 Imad Wasim to Chris Jordan, 1 run, Angled into the pads, this is worked through square leg for one.

  • 11:48 PM IST

    Chris Jordan is the next batsman in.

  • 11:46 PM IST

    15.3 Imad Wasim to Lewis Gregory, out, OUT! STUMPED! Another one bites the dust! Another excellent piece of glove work by Rizwan. Pakistan are right on top now. Gregory fails to make an impact. He steps out. Imad fires it outside off. Lewis is a touch late in getting his bat down. He misses and Rizwan whips the bails off in a flash. 160 now seems far away. They are into the bowling all-rounders.

  • 11:45 PM IST

    15.2 Imad Wasim to Sam Billings, 1 run, Good fielding! Angled into the pads, this is worked through mid-wicket. The fielder in the deep gets to the ball quickly and keeps it to one.

  • 11:45 PM IST

    15.1 Imad Wasim to Lewis Gregory, 1 run, Good fielding! This is shorter and around off, it is guided towards point. The fielder there dives to his left and keeps it down to one.

  • 11:45 PM IST

    Imad Wasim to bowl out. 3-0-26-1 are his figures so far.

  • 11:43 PM IST

    14.6 Shadab Khan to Sam Billings, no run, Fires it full and around off, pushed towards point for nothing. 3 runs and a wicket from the over.

  • 11:43 PM IST

    14.5 Shadab Khan to Lewis Gregory, 1 run, Quicker one around middle, worked towards mid-wicket by Gregory for a single.

  • 11:43 PM IST

    Lewis Gregory is the new batsman in.

  • 11:41 PM IST

    14.4 Shadab Khan to Moeen Ali, out, OUT! CAUGHT! What a catch from Rizwan! The man has been doing all the hard work behind the wickets on this tour. Did that in the Tests and has done it once again. Terrific from him. Flatter ball just outside off, Moeen looks to run it down to third man for a single. However, the ball takes the outside edge and goes behind. Rizwan there fails to gobble it in the first attempt as the ball hits his palm and pops out in front. He though keeps his eyes on the ball and lunges forward to take it in the second attempt. Second wicket for Shadab who punches the air in celebration. England crumbling here. They have lost 3 quickly.

  • 11:41 PM IST

    14.3 Shadab Khan to Sam Billings, 1 run, Full and outside off, Billings strokes it to long off for a single.

  • 11:40 PM IST

    14.2 Shadab Khan to Sam Billings, no run, Flatter and around off, Billings finds the cover fielder.

England vs Pakistan 2020, Live Cricket Score And Updates, 1st T20, Manchester

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the first T20 International between England and Pakistan, in Manchester.

Here’s what England skipper Eoin Morgan had to say before the first T20 – 

Morgan believes England must field their strongest Twenty20 side as often as possible if they are to triumph at next year’s T20 World Cup and replicate their 50-over global triumph.

The coronavirus pandemic has led England to name separate red-ball and white-ball squads this season, with the likes of all-format stars such as Test captain Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler and Jofra Archer missing from a three-match Twenty20 series against Pakistan at Old Trafford starting Friday.

They will also be without another member of the side that won the 50-over World Cup last year, with opening batsman Jason Roy missing because of a side injury.

If COVID-19 — which has already seen the T20 World Cup scheduled for Australia this year held over until 2021 in India — continues to upset the global cricket calendar, England may well persist with separate squads

And Morgan, while encouraged by the chance to give the likes of batsmen Dawid Malan and Tom Banton a chance to stake a claim, he insists England must field their first-choice team as often as they can if they are to enjoy more success at a major world tournament.

“This is another opportunity for guys who would potentially sit outside that 15 to try and present their best case moving forward for winter tours and the World Cup next year,” white-ball captain Morgan told reporters on Thursday.

But he added: “One of the challenges between now and the World Cup is going to be getting our strongest team on the park as often as we can to define (their) roles. We will only know our strongest positions after we have guys achieving in those roles.

The Dublin-born batsman said he wanted to see the first-choice side in action as often as possible.

“I don’t think we can have a scenario where we can play the majority of our games with a half-strength team and then expect to go into a World Cup as contenders when guys don’t know their roles or haven’t been familiarised with them,” he said.