England women’s county clubs to square off in virtual ‘race’
Image: Twitter

With the cricketing season currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Middlesex Women cricket team will participate in a virtual ‘London Championship Race’.

Middlesex will compete with their London and South East rivals Surrey Women, Kent Women and Essex Women in a race that kicks off on Saturday.

The squads of players will set off on individual runs as part of their daily exercise routines, whilst maintaining correct social-distancing protocol.

“Each county will name a squad of players and coaches who each have thirty minutes to run, at some point over the weekend, individually running as far as they can, with all players’ mileage monitored and recorded on the Strava running app,” the Middlesex club said in an official statement.

“The collective mileage will be added up from the whole squads’ runs to create a total team distance, which will then be divided by the distance between both counties’ home grounds, with the county that collectively makes the most journeys between those two grounds being declared the winner,” it added.

The first race will witness Middlesex Women squaring off with Essex Women on April 18.