Warner believes too much cricket without rest is draining the cricketers © Getty Images
Warner believes too much cricket without rest is draining the cricketers © Getty Images

The Ashes, as gruelling as the series is, takes a physical and mental toll on the participants. However, the teams barely got any recovery period, playing their first ODIs within a span of five days since the completion of the final Test. David Warner believes the continuous cricketing schedule drained the Australia cricketers, which in turn caused the ODI series defeat to England.

“In hindsight, you can say yes (given) the way that we performed. But even if we performed as well, you probably would have got a break as well. I just think the thing that’s missing is the gap between the last Test and the first one-day game. England had, I think, four players maybe (playing both Tests and ODIs) and besides Chris Woakes, there wasn’t another bowler. You look at little things like that that can benefit us in a way,” Warner told cricket.com.au when asked if the regular team-members should have opted out and rested themselves.

“It was a bit of a mental breakdown from a few of us. If you look at the Twenty20 team at the moment, the way these guys have come out of the Big Bash fresh, they’re just killing it. It’s sort of set the example that if we come around to the same situation again with a big Ashes series, do we look at certain things? And that’s up to Cricket Australia to look at and judge. It’s up to the individual as well to put their hand up. If you are cooked or something, you’re an adult, you’re not going to get shot down for putting your hand up. We have the onus upon ourselves to do that,” he added.

But Warner also agrees on the fact that it is not easy to say no to an international fixture.

“(But) we’re never going to put our hand up to say we need a rest, that’s for sure, because every day we’re living the dream.”

Warner’s Australia remained on top of the points table of their next assignment — a tri-nation T20I series with New Zealand joining the Ashes participants. He will feature in the final of the tournament but will not get any practice ahead of the Tests in South Africa.

“Hopefully I’ll get my time in the nets and I will be able to adjust to that,” he said.