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The incident occurred in Telecom Colony off Mahatma Gandhi Road on Tuesday evening in Vijayawada Getty Images (Representative Image)

Vijayawada: Fight over a game of cricket on a street here in Andhra Pradesh has led to murder of a youth, police said. The incident occurred in Telecom Colony off Mahatma Gandhi Road on Tuesday evening. According to police, Kiran Kumar, an engineering student, was playing with some children when the ball accidentally hit a woman Devaki Devi. He apologized for the same but the woman’s son P. Srikanth reached there and picked up an argument. A scuffle broke out between the two. Srikanth went to his house and returned with a knife. He stabbed Kiran Kumar in his chest, leading to his death.

Police quoted residents as saying that the two had past enmity. Kiran Kumar had many times raised an objection to Srikanth driving his bike in the colony at a high speed in a rash manner and the two had fights over this. In 2016, there was an incident when a local Bangladesh cricketer was killed by getting hit with a stump. A teenage cricketer in Bangladesh was allegedly killed by a stump-wielding batsman after he taunted the umpire over a no-ball delivery, police said Thursday. Sixteen-year-old Babul Shikdar was wicketkeeping during a neighbourhood match with friends in the capital Dhaka on Wednesday when the batsman was given out, local police chief Bhuiyan Mahboob Hasan said. Shikdar suggested that the umpire might again favour the batsman, by declaring the bowler s delivery a no-ball, allowing him to remain at the crease, after the umpire made the same ruling off the previous ball.

It enraged the batsman who picked up a stump and hit Shikdar on the back of his head. He collapsed on the field and died on the way to a clinic, Hasan told AFP.