Food At UP Sports Camp Kept In The Toilet In The Stadium, Pic Goes Viral Over Social Media
Image: IANS

Saharanpur: The photographs of cooked rice placed on the floor of a toilet in the sports stadium in Saharanpur have gone viral on social media, leading to a major controversy. The ‘same rice’ was allegedly served to around 200 players who are taking part in a three-day state-level U-17 girls’ Kabaddi tournament in Saharanpur district, which started on Friday.

Sports officer of Saharanpur, Animesh Saxena, dismissed the allegations, terming them as ‘baseless’.

“The food served to players here is of good quality. Food, including rice, ‘dal’ and ‘sabji’ were cooked in large vessels in a traditional brick oven near the swimming pool,” he said.

A player at the camp said, “From the vessel, the cooked rice was taken out in a big plate and was placed on the toilet floor near its gate. Next to the rice plate, were leftover ‘pooris’ on a piece of paper on the floor. The rice was then served to the players for lunch.”

A few players raised the matter before a stadium official. The official informed the sports officer, Animesh Saxena, who ‘reprimanded’ the cooks.

“There was a shortage of space and the food was cooked near the stadium pool,” the sports officer said.

While the sports sector is improving in India with our athletes giving stellar performances in tournaments like Commonwealth Games, these kind of incidents can be demoralising for them.

Kabaddi tournaments are increasing around India due to the biggest Kabaddi league in India, Pro Kabaddi League. Players from different states are coming out to play in these tournaments. The most number of players comes from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.