John Buchanan

John Buchanan also said that it was about trying to broaden people’s horizons © AFP

Nov 23, 2013

The bespectacled and analytical former coach John Buchanan, well-known for his innovative coaching methods has revealed that by taking Australian players to red-light areas in Kolkata and albatross rookeries in New Zealand, he tried to make travelling an enriching experience.

Buchanan told Sydney Morning Herald: “I always coached for the whole person, not just the cricketer. It was about trying to broaden people’s horizons, to take them places they hadn’t been before and provide them with experiences outside the dressing room.”

“We’d walk the back streets of Calcutta, the red-light districts. In New Zealand we took the guys down to an albatross rookery,” Buchanan stated.

He concluded, “It’s a bit of a balance to have the players ready to perform on the field, do your sponsor and media duties, do things outside the comfort zone and also spend time without following a schedule which is also very important.”