Former cricketer Jalal-ud-Din criticises PCB for coach ad campaign

Jalal-ud-Din played six Tests and eight ODIs for Pakistan

By CricketCountry Staff

Karachi: Sep 12, 2011

Former pacer Jalal-ud-Din has criticised the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for not mentioning any specific criteria on the advertisement placed on its official web portal for the post of new national coach.

Jalal-ud-Din was quoted by The News as saying. “The ad is just awful and is certainly not meant for a post like head coach. There are no details about the required qualification and experience. The ad of small associations and state teams are better than the one placed by the PCB.”

The PCB has not mentioned the requirement it is looking for a coach who has done Level-III from Australia and England, or has done Level-II from the same countries or have even played more than 25 Tests, the report questioned.

Jalal-ud-Din argued that the present advertisement allows any person to apply for the post. He also said it hardly takes half an hour to write a more comprehensive campaign.

“The issue of inviting CVs for the post of head coach is just a drama and I am not saying this just to criticise the PCB but from my past experience,” Jalal-ud-Din said.

“The board gave the ad of Director of National Cricket Academy (NCA) back in 2005. I applied for it and was arguably the front-runner to take the post. But astonishingly Mudassar Nazar was given the post out of nowhere despite not having the required qualification.

“In addition, I got to majority of votes for being governing board member but was neglected. So I don t trust the board people because in the end they will only appoint their favourites,” he added.