Former South African captain Clive Rice battling cancer

Clive Rice will turn 64 on July 23 © Getty Images

Mumbai: Jul 16, 2013

Former South African captain Clive Rice is battling tumour. He revealed his illness on Facebook.
He wrote on his wall on the social networking website: “Just want to update you all on my tumour. Thought I had a pulled muscle in my thigh. There was a lump there and not what I thought was a pulled muscle. Had a MRI scan and it needed removal. Had it removed 3 weeks ago and have a cut about a foot long in my right thigh. They got the whole tumour out but it is classed as a grade 2 tumour so that means I need radiation in the area.”

“They removed some muscle around the tumour to make sure of the removal. I am getting over the wound at the moment. This should be another 10 days and then I will build up the strength again. I do not need to bat or bowl again so it just needs to be strong enough to play golf, race cars and do sensible things. I am fine and once the radiation has been completed in September I will be back to normal with the cancer nailed. If any of you have a lump check it out quickly so if it is a tumour you nail it early. Don’t leave it. I have been lucky,” he added.
Former India all-rounder Madan Lal responded to this by giving Rice a ‘get-well soon’ message. Lal wrote “Yes funny things happened in life. Tumour is not stronger than you.”
Rice has played 482 First-Class matches, scoring 26,331 runs. His highest is 246 for Nottinghamshire against Sussex. Rice’s international career kicked off late due to South Africa being isolated from international cricket.

When the nation was allowed to play again, Rice led the team in three ODIs in 1991 during South Africa’s tour of India. Later on, he became the coach of Nottinghamshire and was influential in encouraging Kevin Pietersen to leave South Africa and play for England.
The South African will turn 64 on July 23.