With talks of four innings in T20s making the rounds, former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg has opposed the idea and has suggested free-hit for a wide ball in the Big Bash League.

The former leggie said, “four innings means more breaks, why would you want to do that? The audience doesn’t like that and it would kill the game.”

The next suggestion was regarding splitting the powerplay. The BBL is planning to split the traditional six overs powerplay into two separate three overs powerplay each. However, the former leg-spinner had a different suggestion.

He said, “I would like to see the six overs powerplay split into a four-over bowling powerplay upfront and a two-over batting powerplay later on whenever the batting team wants to have. With the four over of bowling powerplay, the ball still swings in the fourth over. So, the bowlers can bring in the field and take advantage of that. However, if bowlers get on top, the batsmen can fight back and then have their two-overs powerplay where they can attack.”

“I really don’t like this one. Each individual umpire has his own discretion for a no-ball. There is no consistency there for the bowler to attack the fine line and put pressure on that batsman. If there’s a special line on the leg-side which the bowler can attack and not be called wide, then I don’t mind this concept coming in, because then there will be more consistency,” he added.