Geoff Boycott sues lawyers after losing property

Geoffrey Boycott is suing lawyers for not doing their job properly resulting in loss of property Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Oct 13, 2011

Geoffrey Boycott filled a case against his lawyers in a bid to claim 1million-plus over a house he bought with a former lover who is now dead.

For years Boycott and Mrs Anne Wyatt lived together for nearly 20 years in the village of Woolley, near Wakefield, before they bought the house in Sandbanks for 450,000 in 1996.

Boycott is suing lawyers for compensation claiming that, had they done their job properly 15 years ago, Mrs Wyatt would have been able to stay in the house only for her lifetime and, on her death, it would have been his outright.

“Us ordinary people are meant to get a fair deal from the law,” said the cricketer turned commentator.

“How are ordinary people expected to understand when it s double-Dutch? We have come to think English law is for decent, honourable people all over the world; why does it not mean what it says?”

It came as a shock to Boycott when he learned that she was within her rights to sever her interest in the property.

“I didn t understand why she was doing it. I was running half way round the world doing my commentating and I just couldn t understand it.

“I don t mean to be disrespectful; I m just very straight. I don t want to offend people, but I am very direct.”