Geoffrey Boycott on Player of the Match terminology: ‘Well they’re idiots, aren’t they?’
Michael Vaughan and Geoffrey Boycott don't like the term Player of the Match. @Getty

It does not take much to wind up Geoffrey Boycott, and in his latest typically outspoken response the the former England captain turned commentator has termed the decision to use the term Player of the Match as the decision of “a numpty”.

While on air with talkshow host Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Boycott was asked what he felt about the  decision to switch from the traditional Man of the Match to Player of the Match, one taken to promote gender inclusivity.

Boycott’s reply was prompt: “Well they’re idiots, aren’t they? They must have nothing else to do. When they’re in play why can’t they be female of the match? Or woman of the match?” said the 77-year-old. “If you’ve got nothing else to do but sit in an office and work out that every cricket club in the world has to change that from man of the match, well you’re a numpty.”

Though the decision to change the performance-based award at the end of home matches dates back a few years, it was referenced during the third Test match between India and England when Michael Vaughan tweeted: “So we now have ‘player of the match’ in cricket rather than ‘man of the match’ even when 22 Men are playing!!!!  The world is officially going bloody nuts ….. #OnOn”

Two female cricket journalists were swift to reply. Melinda Farrell of ESPNcricinfo tweeted: “Funny enough, the award – no matter who is playing the game, at any level or age – is for how they… errr… play! Completely sensible and simplifies everything. Hardly worth all this.”

Commentator Alison Mitchell commented on Vaughan’s tweet: “They’re all Players though, non?”